Stuff You Want, But Don't Buy

For whatever reason. Your wife disapproves. Your kids would break it. It seems irresponsible. Shit you want, but don't buy.



I really want a hot tub Phone Post



I'd have to go with an AR also, I want one but it just doesn't seem practical for me to spend the kind of money they cost on one

more guns


bjj privates

I'm going to buy it eventually, but I like the idea of forcing myself to work on inferior equipment. That way, when I do get my 3-4k machine, it'll be an absolute breeze.


In Limbo -


Def a motorcycle. Ive been eyeing this harley for a long time. But lady just wont let me Phone Post

I love that shit Phone Post

A high class prostitute.

Good news.

GI Joe USS Flagg
It's too big and expensive.
Wife told me to pull the trigger on one that sold for $400 but I could tell she didnt really mean it.

AR Phone Post




I would buy everything from Phone Post

'56 Ford F100. Phone Post 3.0

Russian bride mail order Phone Post 3.0

Hookers and blow. Phone Post 3.0

Thermal vision goggles. Phone Post 3.0

Jeep wrangler
Hot tub
Really nice dslr camera Phone Post 3.0