Stupid ass WWE. WTF is this?

I'm reading that the heat is REALLY on Carlito right now, since he voiced his displeasure at not being on Wrestlemania with Ric Flair, because they instead decided to give the spots for two worthless matches between Melina and Ashley, and Kane/Khali (even more worthless), and because of this, Carlito's future with the company is in serious jeapordy.

Yes, so let's fire one of the few guys who is actually geniunely over with fans and is a decent worker to push a women's division which no one cares about and a worthless hack like Khali.

Very smart,'ll break this rut soon. With performers like Khali on Wrestlemania, how could you possiby go wrong?

this is not good as his little brother (the one with more talent apparently) is in OVW. This will more than likely affect him which is too bad if it's true that he's the real talent

I've since read from the "experts" that Carlito actually being fired is not all that likely.

But still, it's stupid to even be mad at him for being a little displeased. His angle with Flair isn't actually going all that bad, and they seem to have pretty decent chemistry between the two of them.

Further, Carlito didn't start in the company yesterday and for the time he has been there, he has been over with the fans a pretty good deal. He seems to be able to pull off being good or bad pretty well.

WWE could've totally done without the Khali/Kane angle, as it was shortlived, given little to no attention, and had the worst ending it possibly could have (Kane getting owned at Wrestlemania by Khali's lame ass finisher).

And again, the women's title match? Stupid. A total 3 minute crowd killer. If those women aren't dressed like sluts, there is absolutely NO point to watching them whatsoever. Did this REALLY have to be on the big show? Why not make it a prelim and then show its highlights the next night on RAW instead? Surely they're not trying to make us believe that this is actually of any importance.

Who is John Galt?

The WWE has always had a women's match at WM since they started doing the Playboy spots. For the past couple of years, it has been the "PlayDiva" vs. the Champ.

Mickie James is an actual worker, with huge beef curtains.

I would honestly rather see chicks like Victoria and Gail Kim in the ring who are maybe 4 star hotties than ones like Candice Michelle and Ashley who are 5 stars but can't work a match for shit.

Besides, hotness is subjective....I think Gail Kim and Victoria are hotter than Ashley, anyway.

My WWE divas:

1 Melina

2 Candice Michelle

3 Mickey James

4 That dumb one who does the backstage interviews

5 Victoria

^ In fact, that's a main reason why I believe that Gail Kim never really caught on much in the WWE....her in-ring ability and workrate were simply way too advanced for the other women they had there. She was TOO good to be the in WWE, because the skill level between her and the other divas was just entirely too disparate.

Gail Kim doesn't get nearly enough credit for her ability.

Which is too bad, because I think Gail Kim is the total package for women workers. Hot as all fuck, and can work good too.

Whatever happened to Molly? Her hair has to have grown back by now.

"Which is too bad, because I think Gail Kim is the total package for women workers. Hot as all fuck, and can work good too."

You can blame Diva Search. It started getting some ratings so they ditched a lot of the women workers to make room.

Molly had a breast cancer scare and took time off. She wasn't fired like the other women although it was around the same time. She asked for a release.

God DAMN I love Gail Kim!

I'm ready to go internet stalker on this girl.

Gail Kim is about to marry one of the Basham brothers

One of those ugly fuckers?

WTF man.

Sure enough the moment I read your post I clicked on a TNA news item and the Bashams were at the TNA ppv backstage.

Life is fucking bullshit.

Thanks for the answer, ed2002.