Stupid bullriders lol

I'm at home for Christmas break, and my brother wanted to do some grappling, so I figured since I don't have a lot of experience and haven't trained in a while, and he's never done any ground work before we'd just do positional stuff. He's never done any grappling before, but he does ride bulls quite a bit. I didn't know it, but closed guard is exactly like hanging on to a bull with your legs.

Now I'm 6'4" 195, my brother is like 5'11" 155, and I COULD NOT open his guard. I'm not saying I couldn't pass it, cause that's pretty tough anyway, I couldn't even open it. We did a few other things, but I never once got his guard open, not even close. I hate bullriders.

Maybe you should visit a rodeo and study the Bull's escape techniques.

lol Well I guess I could use those for when I give up my back, plus it would help if I was 1200+ pounds

Just hope he never gets mount.

LOL if the bull ever figures out how to bridge and roll.

Yeah, it's not too hard to roll him when he has mount, but man his legs are strong, I even got dirty and did the old shimmy the elbows in his thighs trick, still no opening his guard.

He he he ever trie the lowlevel works with and without a cup.

"Just hope he never gets mount."

Can you count 8 seconds 10 times? =)

I rode a mechanical bull once and that took some strength to stay on. But it was fun. Bull riders are nuts. They can take punnishment, and squeeze their legs around you like a vice, and hang on with one hand with so much ease that it's like holding a kid with one arm and the kid trying to get out. No problem for the rider at all.


Thats funny I was just flipping through the tv stations a couple of weeks ago and saw a rodeo on, and actually thought to myself that would build a strong guard. I thought it was a sign of having to much BJJ on the brain that I was thinking of such a stupid thing as cowboys having strong guards.

Those rodeo dudes are fuckin' crazy. Have you seen the punishment they endure? Holy shit. We're talking multiple broken bones and nut kicks every year.

Yeah I used to train with a guy who is a horse-trainer. He worked with horses his entire life and it's bread and butter. Consequently, his closed guard is a nightmare.

Well, we've mainly been drilling positional stuff, he's tall and lanky like me so basically he just wants to know some escapes and how to get back to his feet. But just for fun I showed him how to do a triangle (well, actually I triangled him when I said I was going to sweep him, I'm his big brother what'd you expect) but for fairness I showed him how to do it too, well buddy let me tell you, I still don't think my brain is getting enough blood. As soon as I said, "Now squeeze" I was tapping, and it still wasn't fast enough lol

That little bastard.