Stupid Diet not working...HELP

I am currently taking part in the Fatass Challenge.

Everything has been going well. I have been pretty faithful to my diet and workout routines. But for the last 2 weeks I haven't really dropped any weight. I'm not sure why, and its wicked frustrating because I feel like I'm doing well. My daily goal is 1400 cal and 100g protein.

I'm 5'10 182 (Started at 184)

Weekly diet:

9:00am: Protein Bar (250 cal/30g pro), cup of green tea with 1oz milk

12:00: 1 Ham Sand on Whole Wheat/mustard, carrot and celery sticks, cup green tea/1 oz milk (320 cal, 22g pro)

3:00: Low fat Yogurt, 1 apple (200cal, 7g pro)

5:00: 1 packed flavoured Oatmeal (160 cal)

7:30: 2 Chicken Burgers (white meat)BBQ sauce, Can of veggies. (320 cal, 40g pro)

Evening: Diet coke. Maybe snack size bage of light popcorn or hand ful of pretzels (1 go by 1 serving size on the back of the bag.) 100-200 cal.

Weekends: Varies slightly... but ends up around 1600-1800 cal/

Workouts: 1x Weights/2-3x Biking for 30min/1x Muay Thai

Are there any glowing mistakes? I try and keep my diet realistic. I can't go all egg whies and plain oatmeal cause I'll fail if I do.

Any help is appreciated.


Common.... help a fatty out.

Your calorie intake seems kind of low, same with protein intake

You might want to change the following meals:

9:00am: Protein Bar (250 cal/30g pro), cup of green tea with 1oz milk

Can you eat regular food at this time? Protein bar= candy bar

5:00: 1 packed flavoured Oatmeal (160 cal)

try mixing plain with some protien powder or something else, the flavored has a ton of sugar.

Might want to try to get in a 2nd day of weight training

Ya, I can ditch the oatmeal for something else... I can't stand the plain stuff though.

I can ditch the protein bar as well... I just like that it doesn't leave me feeling hungry long before lunch. And I thought the extra protein was benificial... I have been treating it as a meal replacement... I thought that was ok.

Over all I'm trying to keep it simple Calories in vs Calories burned.

Thanks for the input... any other takers? The more the merrier.

"Over all I'm trying to keep it simple Calories in vs Calories burned."

Make sure you keep in mind that if your calories go too low, it makes it harder to lose weight. I'd add more protein in the diet too.

I'd recommend:

9:00am: Something else, does this bar fill you up? Does it taste that good? Why don't you eat some real food instead? + cup of green tea with 1oz milk

12:00: I'd eat meat and a big salad. How much do you like bread? Carrot and celery sticks, cup green tea/1 oz milk.

3:00: Not bad, maybe add 1/2 scoop protein powder to yogurt.

5:00: I'd eat something else, meat and something. Flavored oatmeal isn't really good for you.

7:30: 2 Chicken Burgers (white meat)BBQ sauce, Can of veggies. (320 cal, 40g pro)

Good deal on dinner. Are the burgers breaded?

Chicken: No.. they are just processed white meat (cheaper than breasts) 116 cal, 20g Pro

Breakfast is a tough one.... I could go with just a Protein shake...? lowfat muffin?

If I take the bread out of lunch won't that lower my calories for the day even more? Should I just be trying an Atkins like approach?

I'll ditch the sugary oatmeal at 5:00 for something else....

Fuck atkins.

Eat fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources. Low fat milk is good, and so are raw, unsalted, unflavored nuts. Avoid grains (including buns, and breaded meats, pasta, etc) and stay the hell away from sugar and diet colas.

You will get to where you want to be if you eat only from that list. A multivit isnt a bad idea.


Good advice in the last post "DIETS" aren't needed. Eat un processed carbs, and lean meats, and the weight will come off.

Ya, I'd stay away from atkins. Just eat reasonable amounts of healthy foods. As vermonter stated: lean protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts and good fats.

Diet: The usual food and drink of a person.

Either way... thanks for the advice.... not sure what I'm gonna do. I'll mull things over this weekend and see what I can do to change up some of my meals.

Cutting has always been a battle for me. If I go to militant, then its just gonna fall apart on me. I thought what I was eating now was at least somewhat well balanced.

I just don't wanna be a fatty no more.

Well, whether it's well balanced or not, it's not working for you. Do you have a problem w/ eating vegetables? Cause they fill you up, and no way is it easy to get fat eating them. Potatoes excluded.

ya.. hate em.

i can add more carrot/celery sticks

I think I'll be switching my lunch to chicken/veggie as well.

That's what I figured. I'd try to slowly add more vegetables to your diet, you will get accustomed to the taste of them. They won't suck forever!

In the mean time, throw some oil and spices on them. Think of them like meat, you don't expect meat to taste good on it's own, why vegetables? Raw vegetables can be hard to get used to.

Why not diet soda? Worried about caffeine/dehydration? Drink water as well of course, but an occasional diet with a meal isn't gonna hurt.

Or is it aspartame and other artificial sweeteners?

Ya, but as for planning to drink a diet coke everyday, there are better choices. It takes longer to get used to eating non sugary foods if your eating lots of artifical sweetners.

I have heard that the artificial sweeteners cause cravings for sweets. I dunno, I use splenda on my oatmeal and my sweets are oranges and apples. In this way I don't 'give up' sweets, just have better alternatives to them.

How much water are you drinking? When you aren't getting enough water the kidneys dump part of their load on the liver and the liver stops breaking down fat for fuel.

Out side of the 2-3 cups of tea a day and the can of diet coke the only water i drink in 500ml at the gym during workouts.

I will add more water through out the day to this weeks plan.


You may want to push your water intake to over 5l a day.

This may not be diet advice as it is covered here but how is your cardio?

Sprint intervals or scrappers or taku's stuff will melt the lbs off you within WEEKS if you hit it hard.

Good luck.