Stupid People

So the Mr and I were in Portland w/our new baby Pineapple in a Walmart.
We are obviously trying to hide our puppy from the store employees due to the contraband on pets in food establishments.
who would listen to "look at the cute dog."

So this is idiot turns to us and says, "So is this your personal choice to have dogs instead of kids?"

I say "no, it just for now" and try to ignore him but I’m secretly thinking this guy is such a douche bag.

Then he goes on to say "Don't have kids, if I had a choice, I would have never have had any kids."

The woman he is with, then turns to him with an angry look. He says to her "I don’t mean your kids. I mean and my son." In a sad voice he says "he doesn't call me anymore."

As if he didn't dig himself into such a deep hole already, he then turns to the cashier with a 10 years of service badge, and says " so do they treat you good here (referring to the documentary on the Walmart?"

Standing behind this guy for a good few mins, and I realized that not all people are intelligent. Can anyone top this moron?

I have met dumber

but a small tip get a bigger dog and teach it german so you can command them to attack and kill problem solved

i remember when walmart was still a decent store to browse. rip walmart

MobutuHari - I have stories nearly everyday and unfortunately they include people with college degrees. I could share quite a few here most definitely.

please share

Walmart has gone to the micros.

Landlord, gave her 30 days notice in writing on the 8th that we'll be out on the 8th of June. She calls on the 10th to see how we are doing etc. Then she calls on the 15th and says "I just realized what your talking about, today's the 15th so 30 days from today would be the 15th of June."

Zig Zag And Runnnnn....

A kid from the Kalahe saw a plan going across the sky and said "Hooo, howz dat plan, dat fakka mus b going pretti fass ahh. Like 80mph or someting"

I shook my head and wonder how the youth of today are going to get a better job the walmart worker.

all this boo sheet about education.

military should be mandatory 2 years service out of high school or college.

put shit back in perspective. solve many a social problem.

and no, aside from mass ROMOcide, there is no other solution.

When I was in high school and the summer hire pinapple recruiter came to my school to hire workers for summer on Lanai, all of my friends signed up and I wanted to go to, but my dad knew better because he knew I just wanted to go hangout with my friends. He was a union leader and the Cheif Power Palnt operator for the sugar mill. So he put me to work in sugar plantation out in the fields, cutting cane and lining seed. Damn! Rain, sun, thunder, lightning. Nothing stops work. I was only 15 years old and gained much respect for my apos and tatas. Sore everyday for 2 weeks. I don't know how they did it. Then it got better as my body got conditioned. But it instilled in me what work ethics is. Friggin young guns today wouldn't handle, struttin' n' shiat, can't even run a mile. Escorted a class of 5th graders to do a mile run on the high school track and most of the "tough boys" gassed one time around the track. This girl smoked them all, did a 7:30 mile.

I call this guy Todd. He answers, "Hey, this is Todd." I told him, "Yeah, I know. I called you." This happened tonight.

Since were on the topic of educators... What happens when the people who are supposed to teach your kids are the bad influences?

True story-

When I was 15, my second year in high school I was a student government officer. At this particular school all officers have to go to a specific class called "Leadership."
The irony of it was that the teacher of these class officers and leaders of tomorrow was now what I know as a desperate loser! She took several of my girlfriends from high school on a 21+ booze cruise late at night (of corse at the time we thought she was the coolest, now I wonder what was mentally wrong with her and it's so pathetic that she had to take little girls out with her on the weekend so that it would appear that she had friends). She rigged ballots to help her "favorites" get placements and trust me I wasn't on the top of her list, spent her days by wasting her pathetic time trying to obviously flirt with the only male teacher close in age to her by yelling across an open top conjoining classroom everyday etc....

Now 10 years later I find out that one of the Mr.'s students who was a more recent graduate of my old alumni went to the same experiences I did and the teacher was exactly the same. Still throwing herself at the young male teachers and students, and trying to hang out with little boys.

She reminds me of that one teacher who got pregnant from her high school student.

Can our public education system in Hawaii be that bad that we still employ these people for over 10 years when other overly qualified people are out of jobs?

*** This one is for naks and mr K because I know exactly what your thinking ...

i read all of that and was about to ask "is she hot?".then i read the disclaimer.cant say that i envy any of my high school teachers.

save for 1 who seemed genuinely happy.

however the rest showed up everyday with the "what the fuck?" look all over the faces.

Need an alternative for kids that don't want to go to high school.

I would say more but I have a lurking father-in-law-tekk

Hi Papa Tekk

Yeah, Stupid people, like my sons math teacher. She doesnt explain anything, so when my son asks her for help, her response is "Your harassing me, stop harrasing me!" WTF?!? I thought teachers get paid to actually "teach" the students, not to just sit there and babysit and hand out assignments.

She is not even an actual teacher. The original math teacher left the school (who, by the way, was a very good math teacher) so they had a temporary sub, who is now permanently the teacher. They are not going to replace her with a real teacher. Why? Probably because it costs less than a real teacher. It is so bad that the entire class walked out and went to the VP and wrote up a huge stack of complaints. What did the VP do about it? Absolutely nothing.

Auryte, like the posts and it did touch me a bit as I'm a SPED teacher for 9 years. FRAT warning!!!
It freaked me out moving back here and getting into education, coming from a corporate environment in the Art field, I thought alright, move back home, get into education, they should all be on the same page and organized and know their shit being they are Teachers. Fuckin' reality check, I could not beleive how many fucked up teachers are out there. Seen it, worked with them, deal with them etc. I've got so many stories.

There's this one that whenever I'm in a workshop with, she's always spouting all she know and all the strategies, and, blah, blah, blah, frickin' education encyclopedia. Impressive in she retains a lot and do know a lot, but when it comes down to real world application it ain't jack shit. No class room management, therefore no control of the kids so she can't teach anything. She can't apply not one of the strategies she knows, wigs out, blames the kids. I get her kids the next year and they are fine with me, I have no problems, and they really do their work.

Yes, unfortunatley NCLB makes it even harder for me, as I'm pressuresd to bring my kids up to Standards of their peers. Hello, they're in SPED for a reason. It's like asking a noob "Okay, BJ got his BB in three, so can you." What makes it worse is it's hard to get rid of a teacher because the Union is strong, and the Admins. rather have someone in the class filling in a puka, then not having enough teachers and clustering classes. There's not enough teachers to fill in all of the positions. Talk about FUBAR.

So research your school and the teachers before sending your kids to public. I'm in public, know there are good teachers out there, but also know how much fucked uyp ones are there also. Scary.

Next are the students themselve. Bottom line, majority of the students are products of their environment, their parents. They are fucked up because of bad parenting. Behavior is learned and modeled foremost from your parents. So many meetings I've had where I meet the parents and realize the kid is fucked up because it is accepted and taught by the parents! I've had moms sit across me telling me, "We cannot afford a computer, that's why my kid cannot do the work.", while she had Gettho Wonder Woman Bracelets all the way to the armpits on both arms, and drove up in a pimped out luxury car. WTF!! Then I had kids where I ask them , "Why do you give so and so such a hard time, yet you respect and don't give me shit?" They tell me, "My faddah folks told me I no take orders from one Haole lady." WTF! And then the same parents come to us and point the finger that we are not teaching them .I could go on and on and on, bottom line is if you cannot take care of yourself, don't have kids. Then put a cap on how many damn kids you can have in relation to how much you earn.