Stupid Question About Theme Song

What is the name of the theme song on the reality Show, and who is it by? Thanks.

LOL 40 views and not a response.

I 'aquired' that song from somewhere.
I'll give you the 411 when I find what cd i have it stored on.
try going to and looking for the UFC music cd. it's listed on there i do believe.

whoops nevermind, it's 'Face the Pain' by Stemm that's on the UFC cd that I was thinking about.

I too would like to know. I had to jump through hoops to get the song. I burned a show to DVD then used a program called "DVD to MP3" to get it from there. Pain in the ass, and shitty quality.

Pranksters with Dynamite are the artist who sing the theme song. Not sure about the title of the song though. The song is on the Ultimate Knockouts 2 DVD as well, thats how I know. I just dont feel like going downstairs to look at the disc at 2am though. UFC has used remix versions of the song at various times. One version is on the Ultimate KNockots 2 DVD another is used for the theme song for TUF.

metrock is correct. I have it on one of my UFC dvds as an extra.

In what format does it appear on the DVD? An MP3 file, audio CD (plays
in a regular CD player), or DVD (you can only listen to it through a DVD


I've only ever heard it on my dvd player. They show pictures of the two dudes from the band while it plays. And the actual song is a lot longer than the show intro(obviously). After a couple minutes, you start to feel like it's just too long.

do you wanna get??

knocked out?

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