Stupid question: Can I Lose 10 Lbs

in only two days (by Friday night)? I know most of you wrestlers will be like "is this guy for real? OF COURSE!" But my question is... can I lose 10 lbs. in two days WITHOUT gaining the weight back? Meaning, can a substantial amount of this weight be FAT loss 'cause obviously I'll probably be shedding some water weight.

I ask this because at 6'1 234 lbs. (right now), my natural body weight is really 218 lbs. I was hoping to lose about ten lbs. QUICK so that I can get motivated to just lose the rest. Almost like a "C'mon, man, you're almost there... keep goin', you fat fuck!" kind of thing.

Anyway, I would LOVE to read some of your serious (no "just chop your arm off" posts, although they can be quite funny) insight. If you have some quick fixes, by all means... do tell. :) Thanks, fellow UG brethren.

fat no water yes

 WITHOUT gaining the weight back

I say NO shot , if you go back to normal eating/drinking.

Damn it. Does this mean I'd have to dehydrate myself? Fack.

go buy some exlax eat the whole box and you will shit for 3 days easy. gotta be worth 15 #

"I say NO shot , if you go back to normal eating/drinking."

Suppose I'd "tone down" my diet a bit. You know, chill with fats and sweets a bit? By the way, I am not trolling. I am really this clueless when it comes to cutting weight because I've never had to... except for this one time when I was going to a buddy's wedding (I knew ridiculous chicks were going to be present - can you blame me? :P).

If you chop off your arm sure!

Bake yourself in an oven at 400 degrees for about 8 hours and you will lose a LOT of water weight, and you won't gain it back.


But seriously, what would you guys say should be my diet and exercise routine for the next two days? It's okay to keep it simple. Meaning, you don't have to go into detail as far as what types of exercise. I'm looking for more of a duration/frequency when it comes to exercise. As for my diet, I'm interested in what amount of food and water I should be ingesting and even what kinds of food.

Again, I really appreciate it, guys.

Edit: Please keep my current body weight (e.g. would I need more calories, etc.?) in mind.

3500 calories per lbs

10 lbs = 35000 calories

At your size you will burn around 2500 calories per day just breathing. Don't eat for 14 days and you will have reached your goal.

If you are in a bigger hurry then do about 2 hours of cardio a day and you will be there in about 10 days.

Dude, I may not know a lot about this stuff... but WTF are you trying to kill me?! lol

("Don't eat for 14 days")

Never said it was healthy, just saying what you need to do.


There is no way to lose 10 lb of fat in 2 days. First of all, it would be hard to lose 10 lb of fat in two weeks, let alone 2 days. Also, if you dieted that hard to lose 10 lb in a super short period of time, good chance that half (if not more) would be muscle with would be counter productive.

Keep in mind a lb of fat is about 3200 calories, so you would need a calorie deficit of 32,000 calories to lose the 10 lb. See why it's impossible to do it in 2 days??

Not that fast. Depends what you are doing now. If you currently on a horrible diet and do not exercise, going a a good diet and mild exercise routine can get you losing 2 lbs of a week. Heres what I would do if you want to lose weight:

1. Stop eating fast food. No exceptions.
2. Stop eating candies, chips, chocolates, ice cream, and all other junk foods.
3. Stop drinking sodas.
4. Stop eating red meats.
5. Stop eating processed foods.

1. Start drinking 1 gallon of water a day.
2. Start eating whole grains (whole wheat bread, brown rice)
3. Start eating organic foods (juices, fruits, meats)
4. Start eating 5 smaller meals a day. Eat meals slowly and set the portion size before eating. Do not eat until your full - that is over eating. You should be able to workout right after eating if you had to.
5. Workout cardio 2 times a day, for a minimum of 30 minutes in each session. Running is great for losing weight, although tough in the beginning. Just once you start jogging, never stop. Keep running until the time or distance is done. 2 miles minimum distance. Like this you will be running 4 miles a day and in a week 28 miles a week.
6. Lifting weights 3 times a week for 45 min intense sessions. Don't take long breaks or talk with friends. I tend to do 4-6 exercises for the major muscle groups (chest/tri-ceps/shoulders, back/bi-ceps/forearms, legs) for 2-4 sets of reps between 10-4. 1 minute break between every set. You will get a good burn and a more intense workout like this with wasting time. Like this I also have make good muscle gains (starting from no lifting at all for 3 years, in a 9 month period I put on 18lbs muscle).

Simple but easy. Follow this to the letter and I guarantee you in 8 weeks you will be at least 12 lbs lower in fat, put on probably 3 lbs of muscle, and feel a lot better overall.

Doing this might be time consuming and possibly more expensive than your regular diet. But ask yourself, out of all the investments that you can make in your life, isn't your body the most important? After all, without your health any other investment you can make is useless if you can't reap the rewards. So don't be afraid to pay more for better quality food, you are investing in yourself, and that is never a waste of money. Good luck.

Listen to DavidAvellan. He's basically covered everything.

Thats the formula. Nothing fancy about it, but it involves alot of work.

DavidAvellan has Richard Simmons'd the correct!

tt 4 david avellan

Okay, realistically... how much fat loss will occur within two days assuming that I adhere to DavidAvellan's sound regime?

If you want rapid weight loss, give the 'Velocity Diet' a try ( or the S&C forum here)

Alternatively, things to consider:

- Cut out sugar, soda, fruit, processed foods, refined carbs, wheat.
- Switch to wholemeal foods (brown rice etc)
- Drink lots of water
- More, smaller meals throughout the day
- Train harder