Stupid Question - shirt or no shirt under your gi?

I'm a pressure pass kind of guy, except when guys don't wear a t-shirt under their gi. I don't want my face pressed against some dudes sweaty chest. My wife thinks that a sweaty t-shirt is just as bad, but for some reason it doesn't bother me as much.

Is there a t-shirt etiquette for gi as there is for no-gi?

I believe Gracie Barra requires a t-shirt under the gi. 

People need t shirts. Sweaty chest hair is nasty.

Disgusting how is this a question Phone Post 3.0

In the two gyms I've spent most of my time in has had a few t-shirtless guys. I always just avoid eye contact and don't roll with those guys. I'm now kind of thrown in with a very similarly skilled guy my same size all of the time and he is hairless but also shirtless. Fucking weirds me out. I'm going to say something to him, but I wanted to get some feedback from here 1st.

Rash guard, I sweat like a whore in church and don't want to drip on my training partners.

Shirt is shitty for your training partner, fingers getting twisted in the shirt is not uncommon and it really sucks. Shirtless or rashguard.

Where whatever you want Phone Post 3.0

Always shirt. It promotes hygiene and allows women to come into class more comfortably Phone Post 3.0

No shirt unless it's cold, then rashguard.

No shirt, even rashgurds has me getting fingers stuck. And a ything you wear should be open to being used against you, so in no-gi dont whine when you get choked to the bolivians with a rashguard or shirt or shorts get grabbed.

Robobear -

Rash guard, I sweat like a whore in church and don't want to drip on my training partners.

This. And i have sensitive nipples.

Well doesn't everyone have sensitive nipples?

I make it compulsory for all our BJJ students to wear rashies under their gi's. We live in a hot and humid environment and it helps minimize sweat transfer and staph Phone Post 3.0

No shirt. To hot Phone Post 3.0

Rashguard. The worst is the fat guys who don't wear anything under. Uncivilized heathens. Phone Post 3.0

I don't usually wear a shirt under my gi. I'm there to fucking train and I don't care about sweat, or momentarily touching someone's "icky" belly.

If skin touching you is that gross, you picked the wrong hobby. Like, if this is a legitimate problem for you, I don't even know what to say. The Internet exaggerates every minor issue beyond belief. Phone Post 3.0

We don't have a rule, but most guys do wear a shirt or rashguard. I always do because I'm a former fatty and my stomach looks like a mess.

Did Kano wear a rashguard? Carlos? Helio?

This thread is so gay. Just more pussification of BJJ.

If I ever roll with OP I'm going to hold him down while I slowly strip naked. Tshirts will be the least of your worries. Phone Post 3.0