Stupid question

How do you add a post to a thread without “Replying” to anyone? I asked admin but no one answered.

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I’m learning as well


Thanks very much, but I don’t see “Topic controls” anywhere. This is not enjoyable.

You don’t get something like this???

There’s no such thing as a stupid question :wink:

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Just stupid people.

Like OP

That’s a joke OP. Please don’t take it seriously.

Well, I have had a few issue come up in my life recently. I feel I am at some kind of impasse, or crossroads.

I am wondering, do you think I should seek guidance from Joshua Fabia?

That would depend on the issue sir. If you feel like your extraordinary career has a short shelf life remaining, he’s apparently not the go to.

Any way to automatically quote whoever I am replying to? Just like the old times it’s easier to follow a discussion


I quite like the new quote system. It enables you to respond to particular parts of a person’s statement, or question.