Stupid Ramadan...

Woke up just in time to miss the eating/drinking etc. window by a minute. And I couldn't get back to sleep, meaning that I have to endure the maximum amount of hunger and thirst throughout the day...

Besides the fact that sometimes you are hungry, do you enjoy the Ramadan?

Yeah. When you can't eat or drink, you get a lot more time to do things. And it's a nice test of willpower.

Plus I'm hoping to lose some weight over the month. :-)

hang in there IBI

I've got a lot of friends doing Ramadan at the moment

besides a little hunger every one of them is really positive

plus, you can have a big feed tonite

Just curious, any researchs about the consequences on health?

Because nowadays nutritionists use to recomend that people eat every two hours, three main meals in the day and small snacks like fruits in the middle.

plus, you can have a big feed toniteTrue. In fact, I'm waiting for the pizza delivery guy right now. :-)Just curious, any researchs about the consequences on health?Donna, I'm the last person to care about unhealthy eating habits. My diet focuses on junk food, pizza, chicken tikka massallas, donner kebabs etc. :-) buddy Naeem said he woke up too late this morning as well. He was grumbling, so at least you arent alone ;)

I fast twice a month as part of a Catholic devotion, just bread and water. What does your fast require?

No eating, no drinking, no smoking, no sex, no masturbation.

No drinking water?

If it is only alcohol, that is easy.

No smoking is easy too.

No drinking water? If it is only alcohol, that is easy.No drinking of any kind, including water.BTW, Remember that most Muslims (wrongly IMHO) believe that drinking alcohol is completely forbidden anyway.No smoking is easy too.I don't smoke anyway, but if you're a habitual smoker it's probably quite hard.

I've found in Muslim country's that the males who abstain from alcohol make up for it by smoking like a burning infidel.

Yeah, that's true. Loads of Muslims won't touch a drop of alcohol, but will think nothing of smoking vast amounts of tobacco or hash.