Stupid Simple Armdrag

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This is the next addition to my stupid simple sweep series.

I've decided that taking this many photos and devoting this much time
to explaning the techniques earns me the right to start as many threads
as I want instead of putting all of the techniques in the same one. And
I just dropped $25 for more image hosting since I was over my limit
with all of the other techniques I've put online this month. So
everyone can just fellate me and like it.


Starting from knees. I have combat base, where I've got one knee up and I'm sitting on my other leg.

Jon reaches for my lapel to get the match started.

I grab his wrist with my left hand and pass it to my right.

I cross grip his sleeve with my right hand, using a pistol grip.

I kick my left leg out and step on his knee. If you saw the first
stupid simple sweep, you'll know the extremely important detail on how
I do this. Hint: push on the inside to the outside, then back, not
straight back.

I kick out my other leg and plant it on his hip to keep him stretched out. I am also crossing his arm to the other side.

I fall back using my upper body weight to stretch and keep crossing his
arm. I keep kicking out his knee and pushing on his hip, going for the

SURPRISE TWIST! He bases out and postures back to defend the sweep.
This is what I said would happen when I taught the stupid simple sweep:
they will often be able to defend it. So I sit back up and get ready to
take advantage of this.

My right hand comes off the sleeve and grabs his triceps. My left hand
is still gripping the wrist and passing it under my right arm.

I lean forward, getting shoulder to shoulder. My left hand comes off the wrist and grabs the belt.

Wanting to just finish the sweep, I fall back again with my new super deep grip on the arm and keep kicking out his knee.

I twist to come on top. Note the Halloween underwear.

Now in mount, with the arm still hugged across my body. In the super
bright white of his arm, you can see I'm still grabbing his triceps.

Let's say I don't want to sweep him but take his back instead. Rewind to this point:

I've armdragged him and I've got a grip on his belt. Since I want to
take his back, I've taken my right foot off his hip and put it between
his legs, like I'm going to half guard.

I lift my left leg way up in the air...

...and swing it down, giving me the momentum to sit up without posting my hands on the mat or releasing my grips.

I get my chest on his back and take a harness grip, reaching under his
far armpit and joining hands. I cinch my elbows to my ribs to glue me
to his back. It's hard to make out in the photo, but I have also gotten
to my right knee while keeping my foot in place to act as a hook.

Instead of trying to climb all the way up on his back, I fall back and
use my harness grip to pull him down on to his side. You know what to
do here. But I've got some extra details I picked up from Marcelo
Garcia and Leo Kirby that I'm going to share anyway.

When I've got the harness grip, if I can put them on their side like
this, I only need to keep one hook on the same side as my choking arm.
In this case, this is his right side, my right hook and my right arm.
My left foot is free to do different things. I could just put it in as
a hook like normal, or I could do this:

I am stepping on his hip (to keep him turned on his right side) and I
am pinching the side of my knee down on his left arm, pinning it to his
ribs. I could use a one-on-one grip to pass his arm down to do this,
but I just skipped ahead for this photo. This is a surprisingly strong
way to trap the arm since it holds it in an awkward position.

If they do straighten their arm to escape, you can hook it with your leg, like this:

Now he's foyally rucked. You've now totally killed that arm, and if he
takes out your right hook, you can still switch to the crucifix.

What makes these work so well in combination with the stupid simple
sweep is that when they posture back and trying to pull their arm out,
they actually give you something solid to climb in order to get on
their back.

God, I'm just totally awesome.

i don't think anyone will complain about a larger number of technique
threads. nice threads.


Very nice...

For those who like the armdrag, but find their trainig partners or opponents have wised up to you grabbing their wrist, I have a different entry to the drag. I will let my opponent grab my left wrist with his right hand, then will pull my hand in to my belly button, taking my opponents hand in with my own hand. Now grab by the tricep and finis the armdrag as usual. Works really well when guys won't engage unless they have control of an arm, makes them feel safe.


Simplisticly Stupid.