Stupid things my coworkers say #36389572

So we're all off for Columbus Day. One of the ladies at work walks up to me and says:

Her: Is Columbus Day for Christopher Columbus?

Me: no. It's for Columbus Ohio.

Her: that's weird... Phone Post 3.0

lol Phone Post 3.0

I work in Columbus, Ohio and we've got two women convinced that exact same thing. Phone Post

Ha! Phone Post

I told a guy that slugs become moths. Phone Post 3.0

Told a coworker that her car ran like shit because she had summer air in her tires. She went to ask the gas station if they could change it to winter air. Phone Post

Bahahah Phone Post

oh wow in keep em comin

I told a woman at work that I'm dating a thorax surgeon. She said "does that mean she works on dinosaurs?"

It took me a minute to realize she thought I said Jurassic surgeon. So f'ing stupid on so many levels. Huge breats though.

Last week I stood in a girl's office door with my hands behind my back and said, "close your eyes". She closed them and I quietly walked away, as I turned the corner in the hall I could hear her saying, "can I open them now?". I came back a few minutes later and two people in the cubicles outside her office saw me and started laughing, she came out and said she was talking to no one with her eyes closed for a while.

Abrtitans - I told a guy that slugs become moths. Phone Post 3.0

Idk why but this made me lol like a little school girl. Just being honest Phone Post

Lol Phone Post

In! Phone Post

In Phone Post

Abrtitans - I told a guy that slugs become moths. Phone Post 3.0

I convinced someone that a snail was a slug that had found a hermit crab shell.

TTT Phone Post


Hahaha Phone Post

I worked in the construction department at a lumber mill and saw a millwright tell a trainee to go ask Paul (Foreman) for the wood-stretcher because a board wouldn't fit.  He came back with nothing, flipped off the millwright that told him to do that and said the foreman told him to bring back a little bag of "go fuck yourself".

Lumber mills had the best pranks.  Bored Union Woodworkers, power tools and heavy equipment...........equals good fun.