Stupid trivia(bored)

Identify either who said the following or what game it was said in.





HINT: both were n64 games that came out relatively early on.

outkast 64

No. OK I'll make it totally obvious:

1 was Pilot Wings 64

2 was Star Fox 64.

Now someone just tell me who said them.


1. The big dude in the yellow - I can't remember his name

2. Dammit, I used to know every single line from this game - is it Peppy?

Awesome Jinsei! It was Hawk who bellowed that line when you selected him.

#2 is not Peppy.

Glad to see renewed interest in such a stupid thread.

"#2 is not Peppy."

I figured so. Is it Bill?

No, it's a boss.

Uh, the crustacean in the submarine on the sewage planet?

No. But this is getting pretty pointless.