"Stupid wrastling sh*t"

Okay, so earlier today, I was at a park with a friend playing some basketball. I was wearing my Tapout shirt.

These two guys comes up to me (they were black and no, this isn't racist) One of the guys ask me what "Tapout" meant, and before I could answer him, he asked me if it had to do with "that ultimate fighting stuff"
I told him "yes" and he went on about how he doesn't like it.

Then out of the blue, he asked me if I think that I can whoop his ass. I didn't really know what to say, because I wasn't in the park to cause trouble, but I just looked at him, and shrugged my shoulders, and said "wanna find out?"

So he agreed to a "friendly fight"

He gets in his stance and makes an attempt to do some footwork, and he starts throwing punches so wild, that he almost fell over with one of the punches that he threw, the takedown was right there, so I took him down HARD to where his head slammed against the grass.

He rolls over on his stomach, so I sunk a choke in, and he suddenly gurgles out "WTF are you doin nigga?!" then I squeezed tighter for a second, and let off.

Then I was like "is that your answer on if I can whoop your ass or not?"

Then he walked off saying how he would have kicked my ass if I didn't do "that stupid wrastling shit"




Bludhall, I didn't plan on going to the park to video tape a little game of one on one in basketball, but of course, I could have told the guy to hold on about a half hour while I walk back home to bust out with my camera. :)

"WTF are you doin nigga?!"

the best part of your trolling ass post is that you abbreviate "fuck" but you type out "nigga."

happy holidays kkm!


nice story

Poodollar, when you say "Happy Holidays" do you mean that in a religious way? Just wondering, because I am not religious, and if you meant it in a religious way, I'll have to trace your IP and press harrassment charges.

Stand and trade like a man IMHO.

You should have chased him as he walked away. Tackled him if he stopped. And slap him in the face from the mount, stopping every moment or two to say something very witty.

...or just kicked him straight in the nuts.

That wrasslin' stuff never works anyway....

lol, j/k!

haha , I have a some funny stories myself with that kinda stuff.

I work as a firefighter , and the gym I go to has an emergency only
training area ...anyway alot of cops do there bogus cop shit. I went over
there to talk ...long story short ...he does the classic ,"ok attak me" I
threw a front thrust right into his solo and then took em down.

It was funny.

"the best part of your trolling ass post is that you abbreviate "fuck" but you type of "nigga." "

As opposed to the well known way of abbreviating nigger, which is... what, exactly?? :-\

Hmm. That's happened to me twice but said friendly fight was with 'grappler doubtful' friends of friends. LOL@two randoms coming up and asking, seems unlikely.

Nice story.

it was a nice story. just like Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears, Little Miss Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty, and all the rest of the fiction that belongs in this class.

n*gga maybe. or perhaps n!gga. be creative with the keyboard troll

troll. He knew tapout was affiliated with ultimate fighting, but called the choke wrasslin shit? If he knew that much he would've called in UFCshit.

you play basketball on grass?

glock4life, you state that I am a troll, but I will give you several valid facts as to why I am not.

I do not have an incredibly large nose.

I do not eat small children much

I do not live underneasth a bridge, I only sleep there.

I don't have long shaggy hair. I brush the snarls out of it every other day

"you play basketball on grass?"

No you hermaphrodite lover, there was a large field of grass with a basketball court to the side.