Stylebender reacts to Ortega vs. Volk sub attempts

Here’s the two exchanges:

Israel Adesanya’s reaction:


Same reaction here. They round was fucking awesome


People who can’t appreciate grappling are lame. That round and many others we’ve seen are crazy

I was in high school when GSP vs Dan Hardy fought and even then I went nuts when Dan escaped 2 different submissions that were in deep. If I remember correctly it was an arm bar and a kimura that he managed to escape



That shit was pure cliff hanger stuff

In all fairness, it was 1 am here and I had a fullhouse for a birthday sleepover and that was my reaction too.

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That was cool to watch and relive. Volk is a tough dude, I didn’t think he was getting out of that first one.


That was great! He’s so invested

i was sure when he was peddling his feet he was gonna tap

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Didn’t he say he panicked for a moment in the post fight interview?

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