Suave interview

Interview with Ricco "Suave" Rodriguez

cut from interview - "That's when the UFC came along. They pretty much took Pride's golden boy and gave me 5 fights."


nice interview

Great interview. He's right about that Golden Boy stuff. I remember the glassy-eyed Pride fans on here bashing the UFC and saying things about how great Ricco was going to be. They were right- Ricco has turned into a great fighter. But since he left Pride, there has been a lot of hate directed his way by internet punks.

UFC needs Ricco back soon. He is a rarity- a big fast aggressive heavyweight who can do subs. I think Kyle is way beneath his level and should rematch Sims, but I hope Ricco is back in UFC later this year.

ttt 4 ricco suave vs mir!!!!

"How was he Pride's golden boy?"

He received that title after he defeated the very tough and popular Giant Ochi (rip) by smother.

LMAO @ "Pride's golden boy"

Pride and the Japanese fans thought he was boring.


i'd like to see him back in the UFC, he is an exciting fighter.

Mir vs Ricco would be a great matchup of styles. Both big heavies with great grappling abilities.

rematch Sims ??hope u dont mean in UFC

good then when tim finally tests clean he can do what he did last time- make another of my favorite HLs!

He was invited to be the first American member of the
Takada Dojo. I would say that qualifies as Golden Boy

LOL. I remember arguing on various MMA websites 5 years ago. Pride fans had a much different view of Ricco back then.

"I was a very young and technical fighter. I was very methodical. And they didn't like that."

Read - I was boring as fuck, and they didn't want me anymore.

damn good interview. i was expecting an ego.... i was tricked!!!



ttt for ricco