Sub $200 point and shoot camera better than 5S?

I need a cheap point and shoot that will outperform my Iphone 5S in indoor (house, garage) type of lighting. I tried a cheap Canon A2500, and a Canon SX280 (around $200), both were WORSE than my 8 year old Canon 530 (which no longer works), and were blown out of the water by the phone.

I have recently picked up a Samsung ST150 on clearance, as well as a Sony WX80. After multiple pics in the same lighting, the Samsung is clearly in last, the Sony kind of hangs with the Iphone in some pics, but not so well in others. Without the flash, the Iphone murders them, with the flash on (in the same lighting, the Iphone never defaults to flash, whereas both the Sony and Samsung do) the gap is narrowed between the Sony and the Iphone.

Im not sure what to do, all I really care about is reasonably up close pics of non moving items. I dont give a damn about video, zoom or anything like that. Just a decent still picture that is comparable or better than the phone.

Reasoning for not using the phone is it's annoying as shit trying to take pics while getting blown up via text, I hate it when the phone doesnt auto rotate to horizontal, Im tired of putting my greasy hands on it when doing work, and my pc HATES iphone pictures. Not to mention when plugging the phone in to the pc I have to go through and find the pics and not auto delete them because I dont want the rest of my pics being imported and deleted. Using the phone is just a pain in the ass.

I dont know but heres a bump for you. Phone Post 3.0

I need camera help too so I'll bump in hopes a shutterbug comes along.

I'm looking for a sub 300 dollar waterproof point and shoot......that doesn't fucking leak. I've been through 3 in the past 3 years. The last was a nikon cool pic which I was very happy with until it leaked. Phone Post 3.0

Yea, I saw some water proof stuff but figured they probably skimped in the optics department in this price range.

That nikon exceeded my abilities as a photographer and I've got some great pics on the wall from mine and my kids adventures. However....... Phone Post 3.0

I was looking at a couple Nikons, but grabbed this Sony and Samsung on clearance (with intentions of returning the one I didnt like, which might end up being both). Hard to really test camera in the store, the lighting is different (usually way better)

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