Sub detail question...

I have read some really remarkable detail some of you guys can provide on the actual results / effects of various submission holds.

Scott Sonnon and Quincy Rice are specifically worth noting. Their knowledge and descriptions of the body under pressure seem quite thorough.

Can anyone point me to where I can gain more knowledge in this area? What actually happens to the human body under the stress of a submission hold?

If anyone trains with either gentleman mentioned above, or someone else for that matter whose interest is the same, could you please have them post?

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I have a good deal of grappling experience if you need any help.

Scuffler is experienced in grappling as well.

(Forgive me if I left anyone out)

As for learning about the reactions of the human body, nothing beats grappling experience (especially if you've suffered through various injuries yourself). Combine that with some practical medical knowledge and you should have a good understanding.

Also depends upon which submission you're talking...

I have a few years of competitive experience I'd be happy to throw down for you.


I am looking for anatomical and physiological descriptions or details. I used to be into human kinetics and I really dig this stuff. I think it makes you more effective when putting them on and better at prevent and treating injuries.

We'll start with the basics:

juji-gatame (armlock)
ude-garami (both kimura and americana) (maybe the same?)


Anyone care to share, all imput is appreciated.


Got to tackle this one later tonight, as I am on my way out the door.

John "The Machine" Lober might have some insights for you.

Better than I could have answered, anyway.

ja... I just know heelhooks scare the living shit out of me.

thanks for all the responses...

it's been great.

A very big thank you to Owen. thanks for all the effort, that is great. I love knowing this kinda stuff. it's just the book worm in me.

i'll try the med forum.

thanks again.



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