Sub details question...

I have read some really remarkable detail some of you guys can provide on the actual results / effects of various submission holds.

Scott Sonnon and Quincy Rice are specifically worth noting. Their knowledge and descriptions of the body under pressure seem quite thorough.

Can anyone point me to where I can gain more knowledge in this area? What actually happens to the human body under the stress of a submission hold?

If anyone trains with either gentleman mentioned above, or someone else for that matter whose interest is the same, could you please have them post?

in good faith,


Roy Harris is also quite knowledgeable in this area.

Thanks Nowaydo and Croft,

I'm definitely going to go ask them. Didn't know Roy Harris was into that stuff.

Any others? Anyone have complete anatomical desriptions of the effects of subs? You know, what joints, bones, tendons and ligs are effected, torn or pulled?

Thanks so far,