Sub Grappling Tourny, Nova Scotia

Abhaya Academy will be hosting its 2nd grappling tournament on April 28th, 2007. This will be a no-gi tournament with a rule system developed by NAGA. For more details go to:

Our BJJ tournament that we hosted in the fall of 2006 was very well recieved. I believe this will be better still.

Sponcered in part by The Fight Store:

Prizes to be announced shortly!

Thank you, Rowan


King Norm says that last years tournament was very well organized and great fun. He cant wait for the 2nd Abhaya Academy grappling tournament on April 28th, 2007. Good luck in getting your next fight. If all goes well, you will be one of the only people to have 2 belts at the same time, not even Randy Couture has accomplished that!

Johnny says that he wishes he could be back in NS for a tourney because he has been training hard in BJJ and might finally give Norm a go hahaha

Unfortunatly my weight is getting down now so soon enough i might not be able to fight him like old times
Cheers guys good luck wit hthe event


woo hoo!

Hey guys/gals, a few updates:

We're happy to announce that once again, Gameness Fight Gear has agreed to sponsor the event with prizes for each of our 12 division champions. We'll also have a merchandise table where you can purchases Gameness products including the new Gameness Pearl gi that everyone is raving about. We'll also be selling the locally-produced Snayr Wear fight shorts that are manufactured right here in Nova Scotia.

Also, a reminder that there is no charge for women to compete in the tournament. We are asking that any women planning to enter contact us as soon as possible so we can have some idea of how to divide the brackets. Email us with your weight and training experience at

Thanks, Rowan


This is going to be alot of fun. Can't wait.


ttt - this coming weekend!