Sub tourneys in Michigan?

Are there any grappling/BJJ/submission tournaments coming up this summer or fall in Michigan or north Ohio? I'm hoping to get a chance to compete before the years out.

Who or what school isĀ putting on that can-am event?

Harvy Berman and Warrior Way Team Caique puts on the event every year. This year the tournament is August 8th. Check out for more information.

Jessica Ross

Cool, thanks Jessica!

Can't wait. Hopefully some of the Saginaw Caique folks will make it down there.

Any others? What about anything in Ohio or Ontario Canada.

I know there is one in Canada on June 5th or 6th...I don't remember the info off hand, but you could probably check on the Canada Q&A forum...Also, Joslin's is doing a BJJ tourny (I'm not sure if there is no-gi) in November, again, I would check the Canada Q&A forum.

Thanks Angelo!