Sub Wrestling at Minoru's review

I was only one of 3 people that showed up for the class. I can't say I'm that surprised. Not too many guys are devoted enough to grappling that they'd get up on a Sunday morning during the holidays.

This Mohammed guy knows his wrestling. The entire 2 hour class was devoted to single leg takedowns. He broke down every nuance of the move and showed us how to avoid getting choked in the process. I came away quite impressed.

BJJ guys don't often have great takedowns. This class is a nice way to round out your grappling.

Hey Mark

I think you left your knap sack in at Minoru, if it yours call me

I have it in my trunk


By the way, we are thinking of having a Saturday night class, from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm

Stay tune for more info,

Also if anyone is interested email me or call me after 7:00 pm

Cool.Where's this at?Who is Mohammed?What's the scoop/price/background,etc?

edit-sorry,read the other thread about his classes.

"BJJ guys don't often have great takedowns" - I'm in this group:)