Sub Wrestling & BJJ Tourn 5/6 WV

2006 ABKJ Tri-State Championship

Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Parkersburg, West Virginia

The biggest submission wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament in West Virginia returns on May 6, 2006. We look for this to be our biggest tournament yet and we our making the proper steps to make this our best tournament as well.

Each tournament continues to grow in size and the competitors continue to enjoy the fast pace and competitor friendly atmosphere. In hopes to bring even better opportunities to each competitor, we are offering a few more events and ideas for each competitor to take part in as well.

There will be a free seminar (for everyone who competes) the night before the tournament given by BJJ black belt, Marcello Monteiro It will also be available for those who don't compete at a very low fee and it's definitely not something you would want to miss. Marcello is a great coach with a list of great credentials.

We are also looking to have a few superfights (gi and no gi).

Joao "Pitbull" Herdy (Team Monteiro) vs. TBA (looking for a competitor 155 or under)

We still have room for additional vendors and sponsors. If interested, please call or email the event promoter, Butch Hiles, who's contact information will be at the bottom of this press release.

This event will also be the second qualifying tournament for the "Battle of the Champions" that will be featured at the end of the year.

For more information visit:

Pre-registration information can also be found on the event website.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Butch Hiles



ttt, any idea around what time the seminar is at on friday yet? That's only about 1.5 hrs from wheeling, and after hearing a lot of good things about Marcelo from Dave, I'll probably come down for it.

It will most likely be 7-10PM

Yeah, I am sure Dave will tell you Marcello is on another level.

I watched them roll the night before the seminar and I could tell that it was an eye opener for him (just as it was for me when we first rolled).

Marcelo has slick half guard and DLR guard that he uses to effortlessly toss much larger opponents.  sorry i missed the last seminar.  im SURE this will be a GREAT one


I'll do a superfight. I'm about 200lbs brown belt

I competed for you a couple of years ago

Jason Keaton

Jason, if you can get down to 170 by then, we can roll.  but you'll have to train absolutely NO BJJ til then, since im not traiing at the moment


Team Jorge Gurgel will have a few guys there. I would also like to through my name in the ring for a Gi Super Fight...

why dont you just have an Absolute Gi Division for Purple Belt & Higher? 

If not, I am sure that if Jason could get down to 185lbs, that Tim Dunlap would be a Gi or No-Gi Super Fight. Or have Don, Jason, Tim, and "TBA" do a 4-MAn Absolute...

Some of our guys will be fighting in Texas that night, but the rest of the team from Huntington, Marrieta, and Columbus will have some guys there.

I am in LA now getting ready for the Pan-Ams, but please call me early next week so I can see if we can be of any help with getting some of our guys in some Super Matches...including my self.

We almost always end up doing a purple and above absolute (I believe you won one of them in Akron). However, I would also like to give those guys an opportunity to win their division first, if there is enough competitors.

Dustin - I actually already had your name out there for a few things. There's a guy who is thiking about it (purple from lionkill).

Jason - Shoot me an email and we will see if we can get a few things going

You have mail

Let me know I want to know if I have something coming up after the Pan-Ams... 

Woudl my fight be Gi or No-Gi

Also, BRYAN ATTERSON is sitting right next to me, and would also like to do a Super Fight....either Gi or No-Gi.

Let me know,


Ideally, I would like to get all of you guys on there. Especially, because you are such a big help (reffing, etc).

As soon as you can, start emailing me and let's see if we can figure something out ASAP.

A tournament may be the best option for some of these things...

I have a few ideas and I am sure you do too so let's try to get them together ASAP that way we have enough time to get everything set.

I am not opposed to doing a bunch of separate superfights but then we will run into a problem with money.

This isn't a GQ or NAGA over here :)

Anyone else interested shoot me an email as well and we can start getting things in motion (Jason got yours)

will send email today

I didn't get your email

Also, I updated the site guys


Advanced BKJ ,

I will send it again...just got back

did you get mine?


Dustin, Shoot me an email

Hope to see you guys soon!

Jason and Dustin I will be in touch ASAP

Superfight additions:

No Gi 155lb Submission Match-up

Joao "Pitbull" Herdy (Team Monteiro) vs Adam Jones (Team Gurgel)

Absolute Gi (purple belt and above)

***up to 400.00$ (for a 16 man tournament)

only 25$ to enter

1st place is 275$

2nd place is 75$

3rd place is 50$