Subconciuosly Hughes Wanted 2 Lose

After the fight Hughes said that he was glad the pressure was off of everyone gunning for him. I wonder how much of that psychological had an effect on him while fighting (or preparing for the fight). I doubt he conciously wanted to lose but sometimes a subconcious thought can play a huge factor in your will to win. I wonder if the pressure to be unstoppable was just eating at him and caused him to care somewhat less about winning this fight.

"he was making minor excuses,he had 60 000 reasons why he wanted to win"

You may be right

I think i'll accept the fact that BJ beat him fair and square. Pressure my ass, he was hardly ever the main draw and he said he liked not being the main draw.

I didn't mean to take anything away from Penn... He beat him 100% fair and square and would probably beat him 7 out of 10 times.


Wha like cracks brah!

yeah brah I am so seeck of dat haole being champ anyways..he got skeellz but the fucka is huanas to watch a lot of time watchinng him fight is like making cuttle fish dry.

you can only be invincible for so he`ll go on and win 15 or 20 more fights in a row.

ttt for........

"you can only be invincible for so he`ll go on and win 15 or 20 more fights in a row"

I think one of the announcers made the point: he doesn't spent a lot of time in the gym in the first place, and even less when he's taking his opponent lightly. There was no doubt from his comments that he took BJ lightly.

"he had 60 000 reasons why he wanted to win "

well...with the odds that he was getting, a few, well placed bets would of made up for that.

he seemed to take the loss really well.

Apparently alot of people here don't understand the power of subconcious thought. I have had a similar feeling in other sports that I did well at... and I could understand that some people like (or need) the drive that comes when one is an underdog. Also some people are "weak" in some ways mentally and the subconcious mind can make you do all kinds of crazy things whether you realize it or not.

Dumbass. I highly doubt he wanted to lose. BJ made him lose, no subconcious phyco babble bullshit.

Matt hasn't fought that badly for years (probably since Hallman)... and in fact was thinking about giving the game away even back then.

There's some sense in the thread title.

Hughes didn't make any excuses why he lost. Hughes didn't say he was injured or sick. Other people made excuses for him. But at the same time, Hughes looked like he didn't want to be the UFC WW Champ anymore, because he didn't even try to do anything.

"There was no doubt from his comments that he took BJ lightly."

You mean like when he said he started training again 3 days after the Trigg fight?

He wanted to lose so bad, like Orcus just stated he got in the gym 3 days after the trigg fight.

Also, if anything I thopught he was over confident going into the fight. He usually does not talk a lot of shit, but he was talking big smack in the interview hyping the fight. Now that he loses and makes a statement about the pressure being lifted most people have convinced themselves that he did not want to win. Bullshit. Penn fucking whipped him and choked him out in 1 round. Deal with it.

You didn't notice the look of shock on his face?

He didn't think he was going to lose.

As with all my opinions, no disrespect intended to any of the fighters... I actually think Matt Hughes has been a great champion and to suggest that he's not a great fighter borders on the ludicrous...

That being said... perhaps the reason why Hughes "looked so bad" or looked like he didn't try anything is because that's how an opponent looks sometimes when he's completely dominated by another fighter (ie BJ PENN)... Carlos Newton is a great fighter as well, but was unable to show anything because he was completely controlled and dominated by CHARUTO...

Time to give credit where credit is due fellas'... the reason why Matt Hughes looked like he "wasn't trying" or "didn't do anything" like so many of you seem to be saying is because he was controlled and dominated in this fight by another awesome fighter... BJ PENN!!!