Submission Escapes Instructionals?

What are some of the best videos that have dealt with the topic of submission escapes? I'm looking for tapes that address escaping all sorts of submissions, although I don't expect any one tape to have all the escapes to every submission, so I'm asking for which tapes (in the plural) address this aspect of the game the best.

From what I've gathered so far from a variety of places is that the following are rather good:

Escapes from Impossible Holds, volumes 1 and 2 (Mark Hatmaker)
Escapes Volume 1 (Randy Bloom)

But I don't know of any others.

If anyone can comment on the two above regarding whether or not they are worth getting and can also give some ideas and suggestions of some great videos or DVD's devoted to this topic that one can still get a hold of, please share that info with me here.

Any replies (serious and helpful) would be appreciated.


Not a video, but the Fighter's notebook has escapes from tons of submissions. You might want to check it out. It's a great book for the basics of MMA, actually.

It's not an "escapes instructional", but there are 30 or so counters to basic techniques (including a number of submissions) in Roy Harris' BJJ 201.

Michael Jen also shows counters to guard attacks on his Ultimate Guard Passing instructionals.

Does anyone know where I could get Paulson's best defense series (or wasn't it called Best Escapes?)? I haven't seen it up on his website for a long time.

Furthermore, I know that the Fighter's Notebook contains alot of submission escapes and so I will definitely check it out, but does it just present escapes to submissions that we are generally used to seeing from the world of BJJ, or does it also show escapes to Catch Wrestling/Shoot Wrestling type submissions, many of which a BJJer may not be intimately familiar with?

And if you guys got any more suggestions for instructionals or comments on them, keep them coming.

Fight Student drop me an email I know a dude looking to get rid of his.

FightStudent: The Fighter's Notebook shows escapes from some submissions that aren't that common in BJJ, but not THAT many. Just note that your greatest submission escape is escaping from positions, not from submissions. A lot of submission escapes you learn from simply rolling.

I remember a web clip from that showed defending the kimura from close guard. Roy breaks down the mechanics of each technique and makes the point that you can escape by preventing your opponent from performing each step of the proper mechanics along the way.

Roy's Armlock Vol 1 tapes helped me immensely with escapes.

Any tape series that deals with principles of control, controlling your opponent's hips, posture, etc., will help you with your submission escapes.

I have Erik Paulson's Best Defense Videos and they are very good.  Available from Unique Publications.  Strangely enough, one of the videos in that set has nothing to do with Escapes, but is the best reference on focus mitt training for Vale Tudo I have ever seen.

Other than that many videos concentrating on a specific set of submissions show the counters to that submission(s).  For example, on my Omo Plata and Kneebar DVDs I show counters to the Omo Plata and Kneebars.

jonpall, I understand your point, but I already know how to escape most any position, so when I ask for instructionals about "submission escapes" I am talking about when someone has begun to lock on or already has locked on a submission.

Regardless, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.

i hear Margarida 101 from has sub escapes.

ttt for stephan. shameless or not, his instructionals are great!

OK then, let me try to make the same point with somebody elses's instructionals. 

Roy Harris's armbar tape covers some armbar counters, Rigan Machado's book on the triangle choke includes lots of triangle counters, Erik Paulson's armlock DVD set also has armlock counters, and so on. 

My point is that good videos addressing a specific submission pretty much have to also look at the counters, and the recounters, to that submission.



There is a Michael Jens tape (forgot the name) which deals exactly with this. It has Jens and a Brazilian guy (who's also a black belt) demonstrating escapes. Apparently the escapes came from the Brazilan guy and Jens just helped to demo and explain the escapes. Pretty good tape. Anyone know which one I'm talking about?


Ultimate guard passing 2.
Counters to the basics.

3 counters each to 15 subs and reversals.

Stephan- do you happen to know what tape it was that focused on the focus mitts? I am very interested in it...

Also, your tapes are top notch!

It is the first tape in the series:

I don't know why the producers put it into a position and submission escape series, but it is really good regardless.

Oh, and Budovideos has great service.

Thanks Stephan!

What are your ideas for your next tape series?