Submission guys in Augusta, GA are

Looking to start a submission club in the Augusta, Ga/ Aiken, SC area. Anyone interested in training respond and I will give you a # to call me. Experienced, Non-experienced, no-ego's, eager to learn.

I'll bite....what kinda stuff you gonna do?

What are the experience levels of all involved so far???


you know who ;)

Legman--you know the stuff. Most of the stuff in my arsenal that I ever win with was taught to me by you. I emailed you by the way, it will explain why I am trying to start this up.--Wish we could get a "Catch" guy to get involved with this. hmmm? Once some guys respond, we will start looking for a place to train. Whether it is a garage or whatever. I am also going to place an ad in the paper.



Augusta Martial Arts Academy is located on Roberts Road, over behind the Burger King at the corner of Washington and Bobby Jones. Mike Carlson is a purple belt and a very good instructor.

well there you go..............

GLOCKM22 and IamLegMan,

Just a bit more about Mr. Carlson:

1 - driving force to keep MMA legal in GA 3 times in 6 years
2 - trainer of 1st Georgian ever in UFC
3 - promoted over a dozen mma/kickboxing events
4 - trainer of over 25 national champion kickboxers in different sanctioning bodies
5 - single handedly coordinated legal team that prevented UFC from being derailed in Georgia in 1997 after a lawsuit was filed to prevent it

I could go on with more that he's done. I haven't even talked about who he knows and who respects him in the business.

Who are you guys?


PS - I carry a Glock M21 for a sidearm while bowhunting hogs.

Do you all have any amateurs for this Sat., Jan 10th, if so e-mail me at or call 504-888-6451!

JScorbett-- I am familiar with Mr. Carlson and all he has done for MMA in Georgia. When i moved back to the area from Columbia, SC; I actually went to his school on a Saturday about 8 or 9 months ago looking for a place to train. I ran into the long haired guy that I believe is a kick-box instructor. He was real cool and gave me a schedule. From what I remember, he said something about having to get ranked in kick-boxing before you could start grappling. In the process, I ran into a Machado Purple belt in North Augusta and am presently training with him. Just looking to start training more on the side working tecnique, new stuff etc. Looking for like-minded guys to do the same.

I hunt hogs too except I use a 300 win. mag. :0)

Any of you guys heard of Randy Harris?

Absolute-- No, can't say that I have. Do you ever come to Ft. Gordon? Your credentials are impressive. Would like to train if you do get down this way from Bragg..