Submission in Streetfight ?''s

I am doing some personal reasearch about joint locks used in
street fights. Basically many of the TMA and Reality Combat crowd
claim that joint lock's either take too long or when under stress
you lose the fine moter skill's required to perform a joint lock.


I was hoping any one who has used a joint lock in a streetfight
could share their experience (Good or Bad) and weather it took to
long or if added stress affected your performance of appling the

Some guidlines:
We all know that you should never go to the ground in a
streetfight so we need no lectures on that subject.
Did you mean to deffinitly break the joint or use the technique
to try and immobolize your opponant.
Did you get bit, eye gouged, or stomped by a bystander?


I pop it, then discuss their terms of surrender.[\toughguy]


I can't help you w/the joint lock thing, however I have used the rear naked..held it for seven seconds the guy tried to eye gouge me the last few seconds of conciousness unsuccsesfully he fell asleep and the situation was neutralized.


Keep 'um coming!

Also anyone have any legal problems afterword?


There's that story of Bas using the RNC when he was a bouncer. I could be getting this all wrong but after Bas choked the dude out, Bas heel-hooked both of the dude's legs.

Guy started. He was wearing a jacket. We went to the ground
and I basically did a knee on belly, and pulled that arm hard
to the point he was having trouble breathing. He didn't/
couldn't move and I explained I didn't wanna fight and was
gonna let him up so don't pull any sneaky shit. He kept his
word as did I and that was the extent of the fight.

Rear naked's are more common. I'd have to assume someone would be getting pretty beat up to break a guys arm. It's not like the "guy in bar" knows to tap. Or for that matter to stop fighting once he tapes.

I have however put a guy to sleep at a party.

Finished with a guillotine in my one and only street fight.


A co-worker got smart ass with me this week. Tried to throw me into a snowbank.

I finished him with what I call "3 tons of snow to the face washout."

I don't know if it's a legit move but he won't be botheringme anymore.

arm drag-choke out

i dont know about doing a guillotine in a street fight. Usuaully it is across the windpipe and isnt going to put them out like a blood choke.

I think the damage would be much worse. Anyone know the damage of a guillotine across the windpipe and not letting the guy tap out? Crushed wind pipe maybe?

Used a front facelock in a street 'occurrence' once. Works well.

Tried a wrist lock with a drunk & rowdy friend. Ended up throwing friend on head. Didn't hurt his wrist, though.

Used a rear choke before, and have used holds like hammerlocks and chicken wings as restraints.

I'm not about to go around dislocating or breaking things, but as a restraint I think submissions have a place. Ironically, some aikido/hapkido type things can work pretty well, but it's not like you're going to "finish" anyone who's really serious about fighting you with most of it.

I used a shoulder lock in a fight to convince someone it wasn't worth it. Bouncing I have used Kimura's and come alongs.


In my bouncing days and as an LEO, I have used some joint locks and holds to control and restrain combative individuals. I have used a choke in a straight out fist fight.

But as far as using wristlocks, come-alongs and such in a true streetfight, I've always reverted back to striking and, if the fight lasted more than twenty seconds, wrestling.

I feel you can use locks effectively if one, you have them down to a virtual science, and two, if your not very upset at the subject. When you're adrenaline is going and your pissed at the other guy, you're probably going to knuckle up first. 

"not everyone is an evil ex-olympic wrestler looking to double leg you like the gracie marketing machine would have you believe."

Truer words have never been spoken! 

Best to break a limb than to choke in Cali.

Choke (to sleep) + caught = charge of attempted murder

"not everyone is an evil ex-olympic wrestler looking to double leg you like the gracie marketing machine would have you believe. "

Dude, you just destroyed my entire world.

I'm very curious about any legal repercussions anyone may have suffered from using subs in a streetfight.

The reason TMA's say joint locks don't work in a streetfight is because they don't do joint locks, and they never practice real streetfighting.