Submission in Streetfight ?''s

Jase, with all due respect, JJJ is a TMA that is almost entirely based on joint locks.

Then there's Hapkido, Aikido, Chin-na, Ho sin sul...

i choked out a guy high on pcp, he was running through my grocery store buck Ass naked Sweating like a dog from the pcp. I ended up catching him from behind after chasing him through the store, i proceded to rear naked choke him successfully and hold him down with it for about 5 minute's until the police arrived. His only form of defense, was to try and pinch my inner leg, which he couldnt do since i would choke whatever energy he had left in him, when he tryed.

I also broke up a fight, the guy i grabbed decided to take his frustrations out on me, i was able to grab his upper shirt/pecks and trip him down, i held him down on his side with knee control while pushing his closest arm to the concrete and pushing him into the conctrete by his neck.

TheAdonis is correct.

On the contrary, the beauty of BJJ is that fine motor skills are not emphasized. Almost all BJJ joint locks require large muscle movement and leverage. In addition, those movements are drilled over and over against resistance, which is what is required to overcome excitement and adrenalin rush. Akido and JJJ do require fine motor movements for many moves.

Chokes and joint locks hurt and will take the vinegar out of anyone. More so than some tma kata bullshit.

When I was much younger long before I started training... I was a pretty scrawny kid. I would get picked on and end up in fights. I never lost one and most of the time I would choke the other kid into submission(even used a kids shirt collar once! hehe).

I don't street fight now but I love to push my obnoxious friends around with standing kimura. I'm pretty sure I could do it in a bar fight pretty quickly to someone that didn't know what they were doing.


EricM, if you pulled off a triangle drunk off your ass on a guy 100 lbs bigger than you, than your training has paid off my man!

Imagine what you could've done to him sober.

zew zitsu - I had a crushed windpipe as a result of a punch once (during MMA match). The result was a KO and the effect was pretty much the same, I was out close to out for a few seconds, couldn't breathe properly for days, vomited profusely for hours, fucking horrible injury, good street attack if you have no regard for the guys recovery.

I have used submission in numerous street fights during work as a bouncer. Used various transport wrist and shoulder locks to remove patrons, never had to break anything to get compliance.

Bad experience recently losing an ear after taking a guy down and leaving my head too close to his once I was mounted, easy mistake, he bit it completely off, bad outcome.







1) That wasn't PCP that was Jack Daniels

2) I was chasing the guy who had my clothes

3) I was trying to get that spider off your inner thigh (you didn't see it?)

I've used chokes effectivly several times, but joint locks are a little harder. Usually the guys are so wound up from being drunk or what not, and being bigger/stonger than me (I'm only 160) they wiggle or power out of most locks besides armbars. So I learned to daze them up first with strikes.

As far as being out numbered in a brawl, I used to like striking but I lack good KO power. Just recently I did a double followed by a quick standing armbar which I intentionally snapped the guys arm, but this left me open to a good shot in the mouth which dazed me. Lucky my bud made the save before I got really hurt.

Overall I'd say choke or armbar in 1 on 1 fights, but don't let go (I don't trust most I fight). For brawls you better be good at KOs.