Submission Instructors?

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A lonnngggg time ago someone here, or in the JKD forum posted about a submission wrestling guy with a background in catch (not Tony) who was teaching, and I can't find the link or remember his name. I think he was in Florida, California, or Texas. Would anyone have any idea who this would have been (also, it was not Matt Furey, someone different)? Just curious as one of my friends from Japan might come back to the States with me next year and wanted to try some catch. He's an 'average' judo player for Japan... read he can toss me around like a rag doll, so I think he would pick some things up fairly quickly.

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Matt Furey does not have a background in Catch.

There are many lesser known but very good submission coaches around the country.

Kansetsuwaza, I just included names that I hear alot, and probably shouldn't have them put together like that, my bad. As for lesser known submission coaches, this guy was 'lesser known' but was supposed to have a solid background in catch, but I can't remember his name. Thanks for the time, and if you have any suggestions about people to seek out, let me know.



I think your talking about Tony Cecchine. As far as I know he was trained by Lou Thesz and currently has a school in Chicago.

Go to and for info and instructionals by Tony.


It was that guy that was Thesz'z student.

Cecchine has as much background in catch as Furey (which is none).

Cecchine wasn't trained by Thesz either. He showed him a few pro-wrestling holds. There is a guy in Virginia Beach who was trained for years by Lou Thesz though.

You must be thinking of Mark Fleming. He was Thesz #1 student and currently lives in Portsmouth, VA (just outside of VA Beach).

karmaking-Ridiculous remarks like that serve no purpose. I think that most of us here are immune to lame trolling at this point.

If you have issues with Tony, go to Chicago and say it to his face. Or Shonie Carter's. Otherwise, go back and crawl under your rock.

Tony himself has said Stanley Radwan trained him, but that Thesz called him a hooker. It's no different than training with Royce, but getting promoted by Rickson. No need to get assholish.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the info. It was actually a guy with a website up... trying to find the link, but I think both of the computers I had it on were formated while I was away. Thanks again for the help though.



Anyone who still thinks Tony is real needs to get a copy of the tape he sent to Karl Gotch, looking for Gotch's advice and approval. There are enough copies out there. Compare that tape to LAOH and the other stuff he sells, and then decide if the accusations of Tony being tape trained are real. And you should talk to all of the people all across the country who were once closely associated with Tony, but will now have nothing to do with him. They held high positions in his little catch governing body. His ICWA organization has fallen apart, he's accomplished nothing as an athlete or as a coach, but thinks he's qualified to tell others how to succeed. All you have to do is learn from the same videos he did.You don't have to give any money to him.

The usual old BS. Get over it AE.

Have you ever seen the original seminar tape? Done within months of the Gotch tape? Not possible to learn an entire art from a Japnaese tape in that length of time or any length of time. I did not know that Tony speaks fluent Japanese. There are at least 40 different techniques on the seminar tape. Where did they come from? I'll tell you where. Radwan.

Can't you guys get over it.

I saw a clip a while back where Cecchine stuck his head up some guy's ass or something! it was super funny! A friend of a friend has the rest of that tape, I'll try to get it and report back.

Is Radwan on the Submission Bible , e. gaye?

LOAH has SOME decent stuff on it, but the seminar tape was bad. I haven't see the tape he sent to gotch.

"Done within months of the Gotch tape?"

Has Karl Gotch put out a set of tapes that teaches catch wrestling? If he has I would love to see thoses.

LOL-Nice try KKM. Like I said, where is your rock?

Chaos-I was referring to Tony's seminar tape, and the tape he made for Gotch.

Kansetsuwaza-The seminar tape was made early in Tony's teaching career. I think that may have been one of the first seminars he did. The quality of the tape was horrible. I watched it carefully and wrote down everything and it's time on the tape. There were over 40 unique techniques on the tape. I have used many of them successfully. NO they were not all taught in depth on that tape. Tony does not do seminars like that anymore(Not that he is doing them at all). In all of his recent seminars he sticks to just a few techniques and a few variations. I think that everyone gets better as a teacher the more they do it.