Submission Kelowna Results

 I would like to thank all the competitors and volunteers for participating in the tournament today.  I look forward to doing it all again in the Fall

Feather Weight -140lbs

Kyle Deleurme    10 points

Clayton Jones        9 points

Evan Cardinal       7 points

Paul Dang             3 points

Matt Macmillan    0 points


Light Weight   -155 lbs

Dustin Jones        10 points

Graham Setters      6 points

Long Ha                 3 points

Eduardo Aragot     3 points

Joshua Walters      2 points


Welter Weight -170 lbs

Bryan Schafer       11 points

Karl Krolak            9 points  

Chris Havers          9 points

Stuart Deleurme     8 points

Jonas Klippenstien 3 points

Sara Dramt             0 points


Middle Weight  -185 lbs

Rory MacDonald    10 points

John Hillis                 7 points

Ryan MacDonald      7 points

Gary Armbrust          4 (dropped out do to injury )

Joe Verbeeten            1 points


Light Heavy Weight   -205 lbs

Chris Smiley                    3 points

Ron Rose                         0 points


Heavy Weight    +205.1 lbs

st1:country-regionst1:placeChad/st1:place/st1:country-region Cox               7 points

Clay Davidson       7 points

Steve Wakeling      3 points

Byron Toutant        0 points


It's not easy doing what you do and we all appreciate it very much. Thanks for stepping up yet again to run this tournament.

Props to all who attended and to all the competitors who showed up to support this event.

To everyone else, please support this tourney if Tony runs it again. It is well run, fast paced, no-one has egos or trash talks each other, and the event provides a great opportunity to gain valuable competition experience, and everyone can improve their games regardless of the outcome.

David - it was nice meeting you. All your guys were respectful and good competitors and just wanted to compete and have fun - same as my guys. It is great to see that in a club. All the best in the future.

Same goes for all the competitors, coaches, and clubs! Well done everyone.


Good Job Rory

Once again Tony put on one of the most well organized tournaments I have been to. It's a shame that more people didn't come out. He mentioned another one this year and hopefully the more guys will come out. Thanks again Tony for putting this on.

I love it when a tourney starts on time and is organized from beginning to end. Great job Tony!


It was great to finally meet you. All the best to you and your students.