Submission Tourney NJ 9/2 USKBA

About 1 week away from the 2006 USKBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN RAHWAY, NJ. 

Location:  Rahway Recreation Center...275 E. Milton Ave, Rahway, NJ

Hotel accomodations:

Submission Grappling rules & weight classes:

Amateur MMA rules and weight classes:

Weigh in time: 8am - 10am

Types of competitions: Kickboxing, Thaiboxing, San Shou, Amateur MMA, Submission Grappling, Point Karate.  There's a little something for everyone.  Battle in these tournaments for Gold, Silver, Bronze medals.  Acom-Sports Submission World Championships will feature a 190.0 - below Open Weight Tournament for a World Tournament Championship Belt. 

The Amateur MMA competition dubbed "Adrenaline" will Feature Grappling Superbout-

Dan Miller v. Nolan Dutcher (190-194.9)

Jim Miller v. Ryan Ciotoli (154-159.9)

Brian Mclaughlin v. Jose Sulsona (166-174.9)

These matches are for CITC/Acom-Sports North American Grappling Titles

Cost for registration until August 30th:  $55

After august 30th:  $65

For more info on the Submission Grappling Tournament, please email 

For more info on the Amateur MMA or to purchase tickets, please email

"There's a little something for everyone."

No pizza eating contest?

you obviously haven't been back stage with the officials during the lunch break :)


LOL - I can imagine - all kidding aside, this will be a great event - I hope I can judge some of the amateur MMA bouts and learn more about San Shou.

Cant wait!
I like the superfights.TTT for Nolan Dutcher to walk away witt the belt.

Bcolflesh, Call me.  I need to talk to you about Referees and officials

Hey Jerry.....Are the Gi and no Gi divisions taking place at the same time?

Im trying my best to get under 190 but i dunno

I'm trying to run the Gi before the No-Gi

In all seriousness, a good way to learn about San Da (we aren't doing san shou, that format is basicly dead now) is to attend the referee/official meeting and actually judge a few bouts! If interested shoot me an email at

im definitely going to be there....

whoops sorry.  I would love to judge San Da sometime.  And i would love to hold San Da competitions in NYC as well as Grappling.


MFranco, speak to everyone at the Wrestling and Sambo school about the tournament.


Tell them about the 190 - Under World Championship Tournament.  For a World Championship belt.  No-GI

LKFMDC, whats the difference between San Da rules and San Shou rules? I thought they were same. I'm a big fan of San Shou/San Da, its a great art and its bring Kung Fu away from the forms and dead practices.

San Shou has no knees, and usually uses a somewhat silly (IMO) scoring system... it's very "amateur" style... San Da is more similar to Muay Thai and other pro styles, power does count, effectiveness, 10 point must system, and of course KNEES :)


TTT for san da

San Shou = Without Shoes |
San Da = Without Dad

bcolflesh.... ouch! that was bad....