Submission Wrestling event Ideas

I think there should be a kids match, but that is just a sugestion. I would also like to see the Joslins guys fight again, they were amazing.

I would like to see:

Jeff Joslins x Kyle Sandford

Gavin Hesson x Justin Bruckmann

PJ O'Sullivan x anyone

Rowan Cunningham x anyone


Monkey x Shane Rice


make a best of under 20 years division

grab a few studs from each club, around ontario, and run a lil tourney divided somewhat into weight classes

also a tournamnet at 155 kinda like pride GP

I mentioned this to Chris Boreland at the last event,
get a division for guys 35 and over as well.

So, lets see, that would be Chris, Mark, Vince and
myself. Anymore? ;)

Probably wouldn't happen, not enough advanced
grapplers at that (advanced) age in and around the

Just a thought.

sounds good!! also iron legs of Joslin's fame is a member of this 'club" Scott would also be a candidate.

I'm working on it dudes! Thanx for the sugestions!

I am considering doing an 8-man tournament open weight, with 2 superfights!

Iron Legs kung fu leg grip is very good!!!

will jeff roll with kyle or is he too light? who else would be a good opponent for kyle in your opinion?

Kyle vs Kang or Doerkson would be good as well.

Jeff has slimmed down a bit so I don't see Kyle as a good match up for them both.

Bring in the Montreal crews as well. There are some sick guys out there and they aren't too far away either.

rowan is great, he is at 185, but kyle is a slightly bigger cut 190 where as rowan has less lean mass on his 185 or so frame i think? or is he smaller? they have rolled together before, so i am not sure if this would be the best/most interesting match but i would, if at all possible, like to get kyle on the card with a good opponent especially if shane vs nancoo will happen so we can all come up. kang or doerkson would be great, i wonder if that could happen. pierson would be great too. who is this maz guy some have suggested? i see in the results he defeated vadim on points, anyone have any background on maz and vadim... where they train, what style, any big sub grappling or other wins? do they do mma?

who is good from montreal and quebec?

I'm around 185, when I'm training and in good shape I'm about 180lb. Kyle is waaayyy stonger than me, his strength at 185 is unbelievable. Probably the strongest guy I've ever rolled with at that weight.

Maz, Peirson, Doerkson or Kang would be a good match-up for Kyle. Vadim is strong on his feet, but his lack of Jiu Jitsu knowledge on the ground would make for an uninteresting match-up.

Absolute would be sweet! Count Loaf in!!!!!!!!

Maz learned his bjj from Gollum and then Wagnney Fabiano. He's the "Beast from the middle east"

Although he does not deserve to compete in the next "superfight", look for things to come from Vadim in the future. He has the heart of a champion and literally did not know what an open guard was a month ago.

I think if Vadim was given some decent training in bjj/sub-grappling he would be a force. Where does he train, and who is giving him ground work?

thanks rowan for the input, yeah, that's basically what i figured about your weight, kyle's frame is definitely larger that yours and i figured if you were in shape your weight would go down. thanks for the recommendations... apparently peirson would be unlikely but the other 3 would be great opponents to set up from what i am told. who is scott lewis? what can you tell me about him? who would you like to compete against next rowan? hear anything about jobs out here?

Guys I would love to fight but I'm not curently training because I'm trying to focus on my job right now and I just bought a house.

thanks sean, yeah, thats what geoff told me. hopefully you can get back to training at some point, we would like to see you in grappling and mma both.

Demandango Scott Lewis is very good on the ground
but unless he's droped weight I think he is around 220.

Scott if your reading this congrat's on the new belt.

what rank did scott receive? congrats.