Submission Wrestling event Ideas

Vadim i heard was from Minoru Dojo.

Does he have a last name, or is Vadim his last

Or is he the one-named guy like Sting?

Sting the singer, or Sting the wrestler???

Thanks dude! Ya Maz and myself got our purples the night before the Vadim fight, Vadim is very strong and you can tell that he is not an easy tap, I feel Tigerat
is right with more bjj training Vadim will be a force.
But I tapped him and if we did it again the same would happen.

Scott Lewis

Scott Shilling vs Stan/OCMA

so how much do maz, vadim, and scott weigh?

Maz is about 205lb and just rec'd his purple from Wagnney Fabaino. He recently told me he would be down south on holidays around this time of year. So he might be out of the picture.

so he won't be in town at the time of the next tourny? that sucks, he was looking like the best option to me... but who am i.