remember that?

I was a memeber since 96 I think. Any other original underground members?

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 Yeah, when it was special-er

 Hey camel, what was your SN ?     U too Hogan ?

Ive had soo many been deleted alot lol

have you guys ever heard of striker 18?

lol, that wasnt me. i just wanted 2 see if u remebered him. I was there when he was there.

DirtyCameljocky - have you guys ever heard of striker 18?

 Yeah. Haven't seen that name in awhile. Frankiscool has kept his name forever among others. Don't know who MachineMay is anymore. He's changed his name like ten times.

I was FlameOGod, then got busy on and off for quite a few years. This forum has certainly changed. Can't get it outta my system though. It's a sickness.

Well I should probably go now, my daughter cut her finger off and wants to go to the hospital, she's been buggin' me for hours thinking the doctors can sew it back on.

theken206 - ""Don't know who MachineMay is anymore. He's changed his name like ten times."

dunno if nick still post, wouldnt suprise me though. deffly seen some very MMish type post lol

 Hey man, I need to buy you a beer or somethin' since your local. Aren't you in Tukwila or thereabouts ?

Maybe one of these upcoming fights. I'm in Lynnwood but can usually take short trips on wknds.

yea I trained with frankiscool back in 98 or 99 at a sambo camp.

yep and yep

Ginger! Thats one I haven't heard in a while.

What about Lord Rothermore and Jony?

I still have my SFUK shirt.

still have an old patch on my old gi..

DirtyCameljocky - yea I trained with frankiscool back in 98 or 99 at a sambo camp.

 What? lol  Wasn't me man.   Also, started around August 1998, not 1996.

I've got one of the patches as well.  I can remember when the OG started and Kirik was beta testing it.  I've been here almost 12  years.

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 I have the T shirt.  Literally.

Yep, I was Canuck1 back in 1998 right before the name change I think.

whats striker 18s screen name here He was one of the most hardcore fans out there.How about the ADCC forum which i guess was pre Fightsport ? ah the good ole days

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i signed up in the early days of, back when there was barely 1k members. very cool days. lots of fighters were regulars, tape trading was a neccesity. its hard now for newbs to understand just how important this site was back in the day. this site was the backbone of the MMA community and largely still is to this day.

Kirik, how many members does the site have today?

I was there. The tape trading itself made it all worthwhile. I still have three boxes of VHS tapes with all the old events and instructions in my garage. I keep saying I'm going to put them on DVDs . . . but you know.

I miss that site, and the constant debating about why Rickson Gracie doesn't fight more. Oh wait, that still happens today. Never mind.

Hopefully, after MMA loses its allure to the masses, we'll lose all the big sponsors and we can go back to NHB with no gloves and less rules.

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My name was watchme, but I rarely got on.