Submissions from Bad Positions???

I am trying to find as many of these sneaky, low percentage subs as possible, as opposed to escapes from bad positions.

Similar to these:

Triangle from Bottom Side Mount

Americana from Bottom Side Mount

Is there anything you can do to exploit an opponent who has you in side or full mount?

Bleed on him ?

Tell him a long and pointless story with details which you are not so sure of. That'll put him to sleep.


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i like

I have always like Paulson's flows.  He seems to have multiple subs from every position.

Gi or No-Gi???????


"Americana from Bottom Side Mount"

Thats pretty tough to pull off.

That Paulson vid was sweet.


In the Gi ...if done can hit the Ezekiel Choke from almost anywhere!


Total waste of time to spend any of your precious training time on subs from inferior positions.

there's a really good shoulder lock you can do from guard if the guy on top has you in a head lock

Im not understanding the position, Jason...

You mean if the guy on top of your guard has you in a can opener?

JKaz is correct. I showed that to my brother before he joined the Army and told him "When you do combatives, this is all you need to know."

I almost hit a gogoplata from bottom sidemount Tuesday night, but you have to have really long legs and really flexible hips. Even then, it still doesn't work.


more like, you have him in a closed guard, and you start to go off to the side under one of his arms, and he reaches sort of behind the plane of his torso to headlock you, like to keep you from going around to his back

you know what i mean?

ahh...gotcha. thanks!

Whole chapter of those in 1001Submissions :-)

The only subs I've ever been able to hit halfway consistantly from bad positions were a heel hook from under the mount (bridge hard and use your arms to lift their hips up more, then snake your leg through for a heel hook), an armbar from under sidemount (sneak the near leg in like you were going for guard, then bridge hard and push up to get room for your far leg to come up. An arm triangle from inside a guilotine choke attempt (snake your far arm over their shoulder and behind their neck, palms grasp, then drive up on your toes and down with your shoulder). And a shin lock from facing up rear mount (it usually just works to get the hooks out though and not submit people). The more skilled in submissions your opponents are, the less often you can hit these. I've only ever gotten one to work in an actual mma match (the heel hook), but have pulled off all of them on wrestlers that didn't know submissions.

These aren't exactly high percentage moves, and you're much better off drilling your escapes HARD AND OFTEN until you don't need to worry about being caught under someone's side mount, mount, etc. Make the other guys worry about learning these crazy subs that don't work too often. Stick to developing your high percentage tech's and leave the low percentage stuff for goofing around.