submissions inside the guard?

I've come to realize that I suck at passing the guard in no-gi grappling. When training vale tudo, i'm comfortable inside my opponents guard, basing out, and throwing some strikes.

While I know everyone's going to tell me to work on passing until i get it right, I wondered if anyone knows some decent submissions to throw on your opponent inside his guard. My instructors keep telling me to forget about trying for a sub and pass.

I realize that being inside your opponents guard makes submissions extremely rare or impossible, but last night I was able to make my partner tap after spending 10 minutes in his guard by punching a reverse half nelson in and cranking his head forward.

I dont think it would work if he wasn't exhausted.

Anyone else ever tapped someone with a sub inside the guard? I dont mean n00bs who tap when you cross face them. Thanks a lot, homies.

Can opener, however a good guy won't tap from it but just open there legs

can opener never worked for me yet, it does open the legs though

Can Opener is the best way to get armbarred.


"Can Opener is the best way to get armbarred."


Can openers, though it is a good way to get ambarred and leg locks, though if you miss you can either get leg locked yourself or mounted.

Find one guard pass that you like and work that and only that until it's automatic, then get another.

stop being a noob!!! pass the guard!

verbal submission from strikes

yes yes i must work on passing...thank yous

Leg Locks are a great Answer as is G&P. Passing is great also, but there are some unorthodox Submissions that are in the Guard.

Flying Dutchman, Step-Over Series (Toehold, Achilles (Half Crab), Rolling Toehold, Knee-Scissors w/ or w/o Crossface/Facelock), Quasimodo, & Jawlock are ones I have had some Success with.

An Ezekial Choke

is an ezekial choke even possible without the gi? I know the clock is, sorta. bruce lee does it in game of death...

If you are freakishly strong like me, you can paper cutter choke people inside of the gaurd sometimes .

Unless you are Mark Coleman and the year is 1997, get better at passing the guard.

"Can Opener is the best way to get armbarred. "

If you do it wrong....Never got tapped from doing a can opener. If I see a guy it trying for something while I go for it, I just abandon it.

come on man, you KNOW you want to pass guard ;-)


my problem is that i'm a wreslter first and a grappler second. I seem to always find my way into the guard.

Thruth be told i'd rather be under the mount than in the guard in a heartbeat. In fact, as of late i've been forcing people to sweep me because i can escape mount very easily. It works better for me than the stand up, get ankle grabbed, drop, stand up, try to get knee through, drop, repeat.

i do want to pass guard i just fully acknowledge that i suck at it.

uhfelons, this move might help you....its a fav of mine