"Submit" - Gallery Opening in Laguna Beach

Jorg Dubin's “SUBMIT” @ Peter Blake Gallery in Laguna Beach:


For immediate release:

Nine new paintings from Southern California artist, Jorg Dubin, will go on display this May at Peter Blake Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. The new works feature subjects from the arena of mixed martial arts fighting. MMA is an ever-expanding sport that draws on the theatre of professional wrestling, the brutal force of boxing and the brash individualism of NASCAR.

Dedicated MMA fans will recognize many of the subjects of the paintings. However, Dubin does not seek to merely record or portray the personalities of the sport. These paintings explore the entire scope of the MMA cultural phenomena – the mindset of the fans, the psychology of the combatants and the vibrant spectacle of the competition. MMA fights present the basest form of conflict – dominance and submission. Dubin depicts this conflict through the juxtaposition of the brute fighter and the demure female form. In MMA, to “submit” is akin to giving up, to saying “uncle”, to lose. However, as a metaphor for human existence, one “submits” to life’s challenges and yet does not succumb. One overcomes.

To overcome and withstand pain while inflicting pain on an opponent is the fighter’s challenge. The ultimate goal of the fighter is to force submission. As humans, we rest on a history of conflict. We cherish victory. To force our hand on our opponent. To be superior both mentally and physically. Yet, in the course of our lives, there are times when we must also “submit” to our struggles, our emotions and to others. Through submission we gain perseverance. Through submission we understand the resilience of the human spirit, a resilience that is more meaningful than any short-lived victory in or out of the ring.

A reception for the artist will be held on May 6, 2010, 6-9pm. The exhibition runs through May 30, 2010

Peter Blake Gallery
435 Ocean Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA. 92651
949-376-9994 www.peterblakegallery.com


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