Success in mma....what is it?

How do you gauge success in mma for promoters and fighters? I'm curious.

for fighters = winning

for promoters = making as much money as possible

but winning A fight is far from success wouldn't you say.

and for promoters making that off of one show or long term making money?

it's a serious question....I'm curious as to what ppl think is the point when you can sit back and think....I made it.

seems like it's a well kept secret.

it seems pretty simple to me. Obviously everyone sets their own goals. Not all fighters fight for the same reasons. Some fighters want to ability to travel the world free of charge and when they get fights overseas they see that as success. Some fighters are in it to make a buck so when they make what they consider to be good money then they have succeeded. Some fighters want to become champion of a major organization and until they acheive that they don't consider themselves successful even if they have made money and traveled.

Musashi: funny but true. Most fighters have full time jobs and if they can make an extra 5-10k a year to suppliment their income for something they train for anyway, they are quite happy with that.

thanks charles for the response....I know it varies from person to person but I'm still intrested in hearing peoples view on 'success'. I would have assumed that 'success' was more a long term thing...but i guess it depends on the goals that have been set.

When you can make money doing something you love, you are successful.

desire AND acomplishment

How to make a small fortune in MMA:

Step 1: Acquire a large fortune.

From what I've read here, I think for alot of fighters, it's fulfilling a dream, reaching for a goal & completing it. Being remembered for those accomplishments is success in a way. Winning is the bonus.

For promotors, probably having a good show that is considered an outstanding event & remembered for a long time would be a success.

Most fighters fight for the love of the sport, if they get a title or some decent extra money all the better.  That to most is success.

Promoters, of course they want to make $, but I will tell you right now there are just a very few that even break even on putting shows.The sad part is that some of the most successfull promoter shows are amateur shows.  But to each it's own and best of luck.


Anyone can have a winning record if they're fighting tomato cans. Fighting the best and winning is more important.

thanks for some intresting repsonses guys....and momita ;)