Ain't it sweet!

I took this hog on a place that I am working on leasing next year.  I hope I will be able to obtain it.

Anyone else have luck?

Nice hawg man! Congrats

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From: Trust

Date: 01/17/05 12:46 PM

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How did you take it?

I was canoeing with the kids last weekend in an area where there are a lot of wild hogs. As we came around one bend we saw a bunch of vultures at the water's edge. As we got up close I saw they were on a carcass. At first I thought it was a dog, but then I saw the head and saw it was a small hog. I think a gator killed it, and stuffed it under some mangrove roots, but the current must have flushed it out. When we went back downstream the carcass was gone.

I took it while walking into a new place to hunt.  Shot at about 15 yards with a .308.  The hog was so close that I actually just "shotgunned" the rifle in the general direction of the pig.  The bullet destroyed about 6 inches of the hog's spine. 

The pig had a partner that ran off.  If I had been on task, I would have been able to bag it as well.

I missed the chance at a hog walking in this past August, see .



Did you see these photos?