Sudo beat Butterbean, btw

Just in case any of you dont read the UG. Genki Sudo tapped Butterbean with a leg lock, in spite of the 150lb weight difference

excuse me, it was in fact a 220 lb weight difference

even if he was in your top 1000 list, you would need to drop him

Figures, he has awful skinny legs for a guy his size.
Any descriptions of the fight?

was it at least entertaining or did Butterbean pretty
much get taken down and submitted imediately?

"" Well, I'm DEFINITELY dropping Butterbean from my ALLTIME Top 10 list!!! ""

That would definitly be a serious mistake...
Think about it:

How many other prime, all time top 10 fighters has Butterbean beaten? Are you really going to tell me that Peter McNeely doesn't have a place in the all time top 10 list?! That wouldn't leave you with much credibility.

The shock has clearly (understandably, maybe) disrupted your reasoning faculties.


In the first round Sudo moved around Butterbean and threw kicks at his legs and ran away whenever Butterbean got close to him. In the end of the first Sudo took him down with a smith single, Butterbean went to closed guard (LOL), Sudo landed some punches and then sat back into a heel hook and had it locked in when the bell rang. In the second round Butterbean took Sudo down off a caught kick and Sudo immediatly went for the heelhook from the bottom and tapped him.

Even Ali and Louis lost a few. Their greatness
remains unquestioned. Why go so hard on the


""Even Ali and Louis lost a few. Their greatness remains unquestioned. Why go so hard on the Bean? ""



I'm just as broken up, crushed and confused as anyone else on this forum. If you're anything like me then you, also, probably spent the night curled up and sobbing in front of your collection of Butterbean action figures. But the time for unrestrained emotion is over, it's time to ask some hard questions.

Butterbean is an unquestioned all time great. In fighting strength and physique, he is like a Homeric demigod from some sort of long forgotten, heroic age.
No (sane) man will deny any of this.

Which really leaves only one question to ask..

Who else smells a fix?

220 lb diff? how is that possible? was the bean at 370? he's never been that high....

it was announced as a 100 kilo difference.

whitebelt, no one likes a fair weather fan.

"Its got the windup punch action and lunch buffet attached."