Sudo -vs- Gomi

Shit, it seemslike a perfect setup now that they both are top ten fighters, both coming off of impressive victories over top name Gracies. I would think it would be a hell of a fight. Someone needs to make this happen in the near future.

I'd rather see Genki beat up a few more Gracies first..

" I'd rather see Genki beat up a few more Gracies first.."

LOL ! That's funny. Somehow I knew somone was gonna post that !

You have a good point though. Watching some of the cockiest gracies get their asses beat is kinda cool to watch. Don't get me wrong Gracie nut-riders, I respect and cheer some of them on, but I've been wanting to see Ralph get his ass beat for a while.

id rather see both of them beat up more Gracies first.

both Gomi and Sudo are good Friends ( kind of werd eh?) i dont know about fighting but im sure as Hell both of them would have no problem in a Grappling match ...say Contenders.

I think it would be an interesting match up Gomi a Freestyle Wrestler vs Sudo's Greco Roman/bjj sklills, Gomi IMO is the stronger of the two.

BTW both Gomi and Sudo hold wins over Caol Uno in grappling matches