Sudo vs. Royler; K-1 "Romanex"

According to Genki's web site, he will fight Royler Gracie on 5/22 K-1 "Romanex". Rumors have been flying around for the past few days about this one. It had also been speculated that Royler was to fight "Kid" Yamamoto. Looks like Royler vs. Genki. Good match up.

Turning into a solid card.

Sapp vs. Fujita

Alexi Ignashov vs. Shinseke Nakamura rematch

Josh Barnett vs. Rene Rooze

BJ Penn vs. Duane "Bang" Ludwig

Rumor of Lyoto vs. Sam Greco

and more to be announced in the next few days, including Sylvester "The Predator" Terkey, and Japanese Amatuer wrestler Yoshiro Nakao.

LOL @ the Predator Turkey, "the most dangerous Turkey known to man."

"LOL @ the Predator Turkey, "the most dangerous Turkey known to man."

Don't laugh just yet. The guy is a former NCAA Champ, with reportedly legit skills to go with his size and strength.

This Pro Wrestling stuff is an angle for entertainment.

Check his Amatuer record in Freestlyle.

Was'nt he training with Pat Miletich ?

man, K-1 needs to come to Hawaii.

I wonder how much Royce would get paid to fight in K-1 under MMA rules.


"man, K-1 needs to come to Hawaii."

have you not heard the rumors???... :)
K1 might be coming to Hawaii for a show in August WITH supposedly the Tyson fight...

That is turning into a very nice card

Sudo by JD, Fujita by JD, Penn by RNC, Barnett by TKO, Ignashov by KO, Lyoto by KO.

im lovin' it!

any chance of an American PPV ?

Pretty interesting card. I still think Terkay could shock some people. For years people went on and on about how Angle could kick SO much ass in MMA. Well, Terkay is approximately the same skill level and quite a bit larger. If he takes this seriously (hell, even as seriously as Giant Silva did) then he could likely put the hurt on some people.

Doesnt mean anything to me if its not on PPV. and it doesnt look good. the card is OK