Suffer System Team

Just curious if anyone has heard of them? Any info on their gym would be apporeciated.

I went down to say hi to Milt and pick up a hughes flyer for Fateh's and I stayed for a class. Every one I met or worked with there was very nice and polite.

I think they are a Frank Shamrock affiliate

Do they have a guy training there named Shawn Marchand?? Does anyone know anything about him?

he's on their website and that's all i know about him

is this the school that has illegal mma fights?
i know nothing of them but have heard theres a school in london that does that?

These guys are all class.

Had an MMA event and donated the money to charity.

Had Hughes come down for a seminar and offered a free autograph/picture session to the public and made a donation to the (I believe it was)womens shelter.My kids had a smile from ear to ear when getting the autograph/picture from Hughes.

Great guys run this club and they have an awesome facility.

Milt will treat you great.

A few guys from Fateh's train there and say it is all good.

I'm a trainer at the SSSA so obviously I'm going to have a bias opinion, therefore all I will say is check us out at the web address already quoted in this thread. As for an illegal mma "fight". We have 20'x20' cage that we spar in. Nuff said?
Shawn Marchand is a fighter with the SSSA and has a 1-0 amateur record. You can see pictures of his fight at
Along with pictures of some of our other fighters who competed there.