Suga Sean's next opponent is Louis Smolka

Anybody excited? No?

The guy with the green hair?

Nope. That’s Louis Gaudinot.


I feel like I’ve made this same error recently.

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It’s okay. I know how it goes. Sometimes I mistake you for Song1.


O malley is a good fighter. He looks like a clown but I think he has skills. Will Be interesting to see how he progresses.

Agreed. I think he tries a bit too hard outside of the cage to sell his persona, but inside the octagon he has a ton of potential.

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Here are the visuals @Song2.

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@karyn Bryant and Nate make playtime

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I’ve made the mistake, as well.

Smolka rules. I’ll be rooting for him.

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Wasn’t Smolka around a .5 record at Fly? He’s a decent fighter but no KO power at Fly so he won’t have at BW, seems like they’re feeding O’Malley some gimme fights after he got shown up


Suga is gonna Smolk him


Agreed. Smoulka is very good but he’s gonna be waaaay undersized here. Seems like an odd matchup.

Probably. A highlight reel KO on a Conor headlined card could do wonders for his career.

Assuming he wins, it’s time for some higher ranked competition and/or a rematch with Vera so he can kick his ass like he shoulda the first time!

Good point…when he is co-main ready (dominant) he HAS to be on a Conor card

This is a step down in competition. Easy win for O Malley.

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Easy fight. Not a bad idea imo to build guys they think have potential. Throwing young talent to the wolves is a terrible business strategy and it cuts years off of careers.

Smoka vs smolka. Great fight, I got smoka.

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They’re not pushing O’Malley like a contender anymore because he isn’t one. It’s going to be a bunch of gimme fights his social media fans can smoke weed and jerk off to before he has another challenge.