Sugar shane Still Delusional

In his interview over at the Don King run he still continues to live in fantasy land. He once again proclaims that he has only lost once to Vernon and that he should make more money than Oscar if they fought again. I personally could care less about the money part but not nutting up and admitting that he lost to Vernon in a fight he clearly lost and was clearly afraid of Vernon in makes it hard for me to respect him. On a side note, I wonder if he plans on paying Vernon more if they fought again. I think we all know Shane will never fight Forrest again but we also know he would not be willing to pay Verrnon more.

BTW anyone else find it odd that every boxing site on earth and even sportscenter reported the admitted thievery of Don King but boxingtalk is silent? I read this site but I have no respect for the site itself. They give us garbage like shane's wife acting like a street whore but neglect newsworthy items such as King's admission of robbing Terry Norris. To me, it sums up their credibility. Anyone else remember them reprting that a Dec rematch between Klitsko and Lewis was all set and Fightnews calling them on it? They even answered the fightnews claim and stood by the story. What is up with these guys? I will stick with maxboxing and fightnews for my info and read boxingtalk for my garbage stuff.

i prefer maxboxing
and the espn site.
a little more "solid"
and less sensationalisitic

Actually, I only read that site for Jeff's articles and to see what the fighters have to say. People talk crazy shit when they go over there; what do Ron and Greg do to egg these people on??? That interview with Mosley's wife was hilarious. I especially love it when they have Toney over. Their coverage of Jones-Ruiz from the negotiations to post-fight was impressive. However, that was one of the VERY FEW times they were correct on a story, so I don't consider them a reliable news source. lowered their standards a while back. I do like some of the interviews though. Gives me a chance to catch up on the haps with some of my favorite fighters: Hopkins, Rahman, etc.

I emailed them and told them they were losing it when they interviewed Mosley's wife. Their videos are cool though.

why? whats the dilly on the mosely's wife interview?

Good job Rogie for writing them. I wrote Ron Heard yesterday about not reporting the Don King story. It is hilarious how DK gives them numerous interviews but is now invisible.

I also have written G Leon a few times and he has written back. I wrote him to express my opinion of his once a week Winky story and calling him "the most avoided man in boxing". I do credit him in his last interview with Winky for telling him to make a fight for a change and stop crying over money. Winky lost several title fights and has made his name off of a bullshit claim that he was robbed vs Vargas. He has lost every championship round (10-12) in each of his real title fights. I do not consider him a champ now because as my friend gator said" he beat Robert frazier, not Joe frazier".

I was truly embarrassed for Shane and his wife after her interview. What a no class wench she must be.

what's the story with the mosely wife's interview?

Molson - Here's the link to the Jin Mosley interview:

thx mm

just read the article, what is it that vernon said that set her off like that?

I just reread the article and all I have to say is that Shane's wife is a total skank. A classless skank at that. All I learned is that Shane is as afraid of her ashe is of Vernon and that she wants to give Tony Gonzales a blowjob. The funny thing is she is questioning the jewels of a man that kicked the shit out of her husband 3 times in a row in 3 fights that shane was not even competitive in. The third fight Shane was the most afraid I have ever seen a guy in a major fight since Micheal Spinks fought Mike Tyson. I think had Vernon feinted him once more Shane may have jumped out of the ring into his skank wifes arms.

She also claims that she started it by insulting vernon in front of his date. According to Vernon, this was at some boxing awards show. Who cares. Shane comes acroos as a much classier guy than this skank whore. He should go home, slap this bitches teeth out, and then send herback to the night shift on Sunet Blvd.

Shane threw about 10 punches per round in the forrest rematch. Even against Oscar he threw 15 punches less per round than the average jr MW throws in a fight. Compubox recently wrote an article bashing Gary Shaw for criticizing then after the fight. It was a classy and well written article and they pointed out the small amount of punches that Shane threw. They said he threw so few punches that "Ray Charles could have counted them".

Vernon beat him by the ten run rule in the Olympic qualifiers. As Al Bernstein said before the first pro fight: "that domination that Vernon gave Shane as an amateur was no accident". Boy was he right as he normally is.

gator the fact that you have to ask pretty much sums it up about you.

I wonder if Shane can make her scream the way Vernon made Shane scream with that body shot.

Homie he claims he is fighting Mayorga next. Time will tell. Mayorga is owned by Don King. If he thinks Oscar took advantage of him last time wait until Don King gets a hold of him.

"he also spanked oscar twice."

Oh my...

"shane easily won the rematch."

Not sure what fight you were watching but Shane looked like shit in the rematch and clearly lost.

IMO the Forrest rematch was the worst performance of Shane's career. At leats in the first fight he toughed it out. I think he basically quit in the second fight before it even started. His only goal was to survive. He never tried to win.

Bernstein is with Showtime now. Thank god they got rid of Bobby C. guy. (don't know how to spell his last name) that being said Mosely is a thg guy. He had problems going up to 147. And now he has trouble making 154. WTF. He is involved in this BALCO fiasco that is going on and it doesn't look like it is going away. Also, shane lost the last fight to Oscar. That is why Oscar is still ring magazine's champion at 154.


homie it is a baseball term that means after 5 innings if a team is ahead by 10 or more the game is over.

In the Shane forrest amateur fight Forrest won by about 10 points which is almost ungeard of in an Olympic qualifying match. It was a blowout and a non competitive fight. It was that fight that caused HBO to have to force Shane at gunpoint to fight Vernon. Shane did everything in his power to not fight Vernon. Vernon agreed to give up his IBF title and take 500,000 to make the fight and Shane fought a crack head named Shannon Taylor instead. HBO was so displeased by this that after another scrub they made Shane fight Vernon and they had to pay Vernon 1.5 million and the extra million came from Shane's cut.

Shane got beaten to a pulp and his reluctance cost him an extra 1 million dollars.


I doubt that anything will come of the BALCO
investigation because Nevada apparently
discarded his urine sample and as such, it cannot
be re-tested for that new designer steroid.