Suggest a "Challenge" for October

What are some out of the box monthly “challenges”?

Obv none of the cliche shit like Sober October or anything to do with abstaining from chemical vices or NoFap stuff

I was thinking something along the lines of :

Playing the lotto once a day for a month

Audibly farting in front of a random person everyday for a month

Flossing everyday for a month

Suck as many dicks as you can in October. Then try to beat that number in November!


New drinking game. Every time Biden has a Biden moment, you have to drink.

I’m changing my challenge for you!

Gain as much weight as you can in October. Just stop exercising and eat everything in site.

Then see if you can lose it all and more in November! This is a good challenge because of thanksgiving.

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Masturbate, EVERY day!


You mean down to just once per day? Is that the challenge?


Lol I’m gonna play the lottery every day for October, awesome idea OP

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I was tryn to limit my jack sessions to once a day. Then I heard theres a pornstar that looks like Riley Reid and they did a scene together. I was just gonna check out pics real quick!

“Cocktober” !!!


One chip challenge once a day for the month.

Report back to us with poop updates weekly.

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clarification: something i don’t normally and regularly do

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