Suggest a pickup

Looking for an overdriven,Panteraish sort of sound.

Who's got the hot pickups?

Try this:The Dimebucker uses a powerful ceramic magnet coupled with stainless steel blades for boot kickin' attitude. The secret to the Dimebucker's hard-hitting crunch is the small amount of metal mass in the core of the pickup. This allows the SH-13 to have both high d.c. resistance and a high resonant peak.The result is a high-output, aggressive humbucker with lots of treble bite and clarity, as well as punchy bass response and exceptional dynamics. The Dimebucker is perfect for heavy rock and metal; and it rocks equally hard with tube and solid-state amps.I've put this pickup in a few guitars and it sounded good in all of them.

Darrell used to use a Bill Lawrence pickup (I think it was a 500
model or something). I have no idea if they are still made.

doctorbrodsky is correct. That was a L500XL model Bill Lawrence pickup. You can still get them
made by Bill himself direct at his website. Great pickup and not badly priced because they are factory direct. The company is pretty much Bill and his wife, with a daughter that helps when she is not away at school.

By the way doctorbrodsky, are you any relation to Bill Brodsky? I once saw him beat down a gang of street thugs with a rolled up newspaper! ;)

Yeah, Bill's my brother. We once had a bachelor party for him; he
ate the entire cake before we could tell him there was a stripper in
it. He's a big guy--goes about 6'7", 385 lbs!

Actually, my screen name is just the name of a character from "A
Clockwork Orange." You know, you remind me of Speed Racer's
brother, Rex. You can't be him though, because Rex died in a car
crash a while ago. :(

three words


"three words

Did you read his first post?

Not a good recommendation,my friend. With a PAF and lower output pickups,you can get good articulation and string to string definition. But for emulating the sound of a guy like Darryl, you need to start with something a bit hotter or you will be making up for it in the EQ down the line. The exception might be if you had a VERY dark sounding amp(Laney?) that needed the extra clarity to not mud up.

Thanks for the suggestions...much appreciated!!

With a PAF and lower output pickups????

HUH?? my PAF'are hot as can be - IIRC (it's been awhile) they measure around 100. my seymore duncans didnt come close.

call me an old timer - but i get my crunch from p90's - ala mountain

van halen-esque sounding guitars are way to tinny sounding for me - they sound very shrill

They were selling my Jackson with those seymour duncan pickups for over twice what mine cost. So they must be twice as good as mine. haha

"HUH?? my PAF'are hot as can be - IIRC (it's been awhile) they measure around 100. my seymore duncans didnt come close."

The specs for most companies PAF,or "vintage spec" humbuckers usually fall between 7.5 and 10.00 k ohms DC resistance with the coils wired in series. Ten thousand ohms is where "hot" pickups begin, with some reaching into the low twenties.

This is not to say hotter is better. For some amp rigs and styles of play, nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats a Gibson 57 Classic Plus in a Les Paul Special, and a real P90 in an old Junior? That is some great shit right there.

But a hotter pickup is a better first building block for a sound like PainIsPleasure is describing.

PS the opening of Mississippi Queen is perhaps the greatest guitar sound ever. ;)

that was it, 10 k not 100

Yes, MQ is one of my al time fav's

The reason was his stramp amp (a marshall on steriods), PLUS it was mod'ed by felix, so god only knows. Leslie tells the story that once felix fucked with his amp, felix wouldnt even let leslie have access to it outside rehearsal of concerts

I'm confused when you write "The specs for most companies PAF,or "vintage spec" humbuckers "

I'm specifically speaking of gibson humbucks with the "Patent applied for" sticker on them (pre 63, although the 63's are the same pickup's)

even though the "specs" mayhave been as you state, there was so much variation. between the alnico grade 2, 4, and 5 they used. the thicker magnets from old single coils PU's they just stuck in early humbucks. the fact that auto stoppers weren't on the winding machines and so in many cases the coils each recieved 12k instead of 6k. and the thickness of the insulation on the wire changed (got thicker/decrease sound/"hotness")

I really want the sound that Billy Gibbons gets on the second solo on "pearl neckklace".

I know billy uses trainwreck amps in the studio (amongst others)