suggest for ZST GP results thread

I hope if anyone is watching the ZST GP in Japan that they put the results here if it is possible.

1st match:Crementi defeat Kotani via 2R Dec.

2nd match:Taisho defeat Tokoro via 1R0'53'' KO

3rd match:Remigijus defeat Yano via 1R1'46'' Ref. Stop

4th match:Aurelio defeat Imanari via 2R Dec.

5th match:Tsuboi defeat maxwell via 1R2'14'' Doctor stop

6th match:Clementi defeat Taisho via 2R Dec.

7th match:Aurelio defeat Remigijus via 1R 2'48'' Traingle

8th match:Crane defeat Hida via exR 2'05'' armbar

9th match:Aurelio defeat Clementi via 1R Ref. stop

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