suggestions for drills

Hi folks

I'm a karate guy. Despite that, I'd like to work on slipping punches and bobbing and weaving.

What kind of drills do y'all do to improve these 2 skills?



If you want to improve your evasion skills, isolate one punch at a time or one slip/snapback/bob/weave/etc., gear up (mouthpiece, headgear, cup, 16 oz. gloves) and start slow.

Progressively, either add new tools (one at a time) and/or the intensity.

If you are sometimes getting hit, sometimes evading, you are doing things right, if you start evading a real lot, then you need to up the intensity.

Don't complicate things (as can be done in many Asian martial arts), just get good at something by doing just that.

Lastly, make sure your partner is throwing a variety of punches. Don't be limited to just Karate.

Have fun!


I doubt that they would allow such things in the ring. If he was talking about "self-defense", well carrying a gun isn't for everyone and if it were that simple, noone would ever train...just buy a gun.

Lastly, would you run off and leave your kids behind? Your wife or elderly parents? Running is great if you are alone AND there is an escape route.

Don't bet on it.

BTW, cool name.


Aus has the aura of correctness. The force is with him.