suggestions for dvd instructionals

What are some of the better dvd instructionals? Does anyone have any favorites? How are the Island judo dvds? Does anyone have any links or reviews of these dvds???


I've seen two of the fighting films videos, by Neil Adams. Excellent!

And I was just thinking of picking up a couple additional videos from Fighting Films.....

To all:

Does anyone have suggestions?
I'm looking for senior judoka workouts, new twists on the basics... I loved the "competition judo" and "Jeon", however, since I'm a righty, translating the lefty stuff into righty is confusing.


Mike Swain newaza series.

It is available at

for ground work check out Roy Harris's BJJ101 and 201 and Michael Jen's multiple training sets.

stay away from sperry and carvalho sets. I don't know why they always get such high reviews. Carvalho just shows a bunch of unrelated moves, and sperry shows you his personal game plan in a one dimensional mannor, good if you're sperry and need to remind yourself of what you know, not good if your everyone else and has an individual style and game.

Hatashita has good dvd's by Korean superstar Jeon and Japan's Koga. both dvd's in my opinion are excellent, especially for gripping references. Intermediate to advanced level stuff. They also follow the careers of both and have nice competition footage with commentary.

Would the new Gokyo DVD demonstrated by Neil Adams be a good instructional for a novice/beginner Judo player? Or would the two Gokyo videos by Steve Cunningham be better?

Here's the link for the Neil Adams DVD:

The 2 gokyo videos by Steve Cunningham is better...

Xtreme Judo BY Steve Bell is good as well. But it is not beginnner.